I fell off a bridge and got lost in the dark: Squamish BC

kendallweedclassic #squampton #squamishMTB I was heading up to Whistler and no trip across the border into beautiful BC would be complete without …


  1. The speed you went over these rough trails was quite mindboggling to me, not having ridden my bike for a few months due to the snow.
    Not the biggest fan of the "ear cam" either, maybe try a different mount point? It does help to show the steepness if used moderately and can be a nice addition to the gimbal cam. Check out BCPov for a nice example of how it works out great.

  2. Had yourself a version of the Pinkbike Hotlap…if you haven’t seen any of the videos from that series, they are worth checking out. Also, that side helmet cam view is unique, and provides a cool different perspective. Cheers! 🤙

  3. I fell into the pond you passed just after the bridge you fell off on Entrails – it was very early spring, and I went shoulder deep into mud trying to keep my whole body from ending up in the water.

  4. I lik the new camera set-up and angle. It definitely gives a better 1st person view, you can see the trail ahead and you can now see parts of the trail that would normally be off-camera. It's great, because I want to see what you're rolling over, I want to see those forks engage and retract. nice job Jeff 🙂

  5. Great perspective from the cameras, but at times annoying because it distorts things. Nice that you switched back 'n forth. Tough looking trails to ride… requiring great focus, lots of work! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see the snowmoto biking (not those little child's toys the other YouTuber mtb guys are riding for views).

  6. Next time you are there check out the slab trails: take Boney Elbows off Entrails into Hueso, In n Out Burger or Dirks… also Larvicide and Gouranga are good tech ones you would kick ass on. Pleasure Trail and Treasure Trail are both must rides.

  7. Really looking forward to more BC video's. Thanks Dude
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  8. Oh my goodness, Jeff – you've only ridden in Squamish once (twice, now, I guess?) and you're in Bellingham! You've got to come up again and hit Pleasure Trail, Treasure Trail, Somewhere Over There (so many others)

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