Fuego Lights CBD Cigar Review

This video is for educational purposes only and not intended for medical advice on the subject of CBD or Industrial HEMP. Claims about CBD and its affects on …


  1. Could y’all maybe do a sampler back around $20-$25 with a few of yours and Dana’s favorite $5-$6 sticks from a few different brands? Would be perfect for me because I know the big name brands but don’t really know the better budget cigars. Just a thought

  2. Wow that's awesome a CBD cigar I got cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome or the short term for it CHS for more information just look up on Google cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome but yeah I've been really getting into cigars love them a lot in the only thing I can use that's not pot is CBD

  3. $25 is a steal of a deal!

    Here in Canada we pay such high taxes on tobacco, for any staple brands such as Drew Estate, Rocky Patel, Alec Bradley etc… You're looking at $25-$40 per stick MINIMUM! And it only goes up from there.

    I'd love to give this a try!

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