1. Does anyone remember the infomercial for the toothbrush back in the day that would give you a 2 minute song to listen too while brushing your teeth this reminds me of that

  2. This is old technology, ..like pre walkman. They were called bone phones but it was a device that draped over the shoulders like a towel but not as big. Maybe like 6 packs of smokes stuffed into 2 socks one sock over each shoulder. Then sony introduced the walkman shortly after and bone phones went away. I remember they were real big with the snow skiing community… Bone phones and woven cowboy hats, extra curly on the sides with brim severely creased n bent down… I bet Warren Miller has images of them caught on film somewhere.. Like pre 1982ish

  3. I have these and I love them. I suggest getting a pair of hero type earplugs that musicians use to block some of the outside noise. They make them sound so much better, the bass really comes through. The good thing about the higher quality earplugs, is they don't muffle outside noise, as they cut all frequencies equally, and depending on how far you insert them in your ear you can still hear what's going on around you.
    Another use is to be able to listen to music and audiobooks/podcasts at the same time. I pair the Trekz to an Ipod and have a set of Airpods connected to my phone. That way I can mix the two together, and as a bonus the Treks sound better with the airpods in my ears, same affect as the earplugs.

  4. I own these and man can I say their amazing, Talk about having the best sound in your head. I've recommended these to several friends. @Aftershokz rock. Oh and yes they tickle.

  5. No offense, I've had sideburns before but hair actually has some effect on the conduction. It's meant to be flat on your skin and cheekbones. It works better when flat on the skin.

  6. I posted this comment to another video, but yours has 2.2m views, so maybe there will be some discussion…

    Just ordered a set of the Air model this morning, and came across a Titanium demo at Sam's. In my experience, the music doesn't play in your head, like people say… It plays in front of your ears and is totally audible by the outside world. The only bone conduction I "heard" was muddy bass when I plugged my ears. Maybe the fit wasn't right, but I'm kinda regretting my Air purchase, and I've not got them yet… We'll see.

  7. When I first saw the thumbnail for this, I figured the monitors would sit on the bone BEHIND the ear since that was the bone I knew of that worked this way. I wasn't aware of the bone in front of the ear, though not surprised. This is really neat. They're bluetooth. NOT in-ear which just doesn't work in my weirdly shaped ears. Wonder if they'd work with the new Oneplus 6t coming out that doesn't have a frickin headphone jack…but that I'm planning to make my new phone despite that fact. Hrm. Curiouser and curiouser….

  8. I cannot afford these headphones sadly. I've been suffering from conductive hearing loss my whole life and now that I'm older my hearing only getting worse. I would love nothing more then to listen to music and actually be able to understand what being sung or maybe figure a way to turn these into bone conduction Diy hearing aids.

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