Episode 62 – Should I Quit My Corporate Job To Teach Yoga?! | Yoga Hacks Podcast

Should I Quit My Corporate Job To Teach Yoga?! – I am actually shocked that I still didn’t tackle this particular topic in my podcast. I worked a corporate job and …


  1. Wow. I needed to hear this. I have a FT corporate (creative) job and I'm also a spiritual reader and healer (I work one night a week out of a healing center in Union Square NYC). I was also thinking about getting my yoga teacher cert in the fall. I definitely can not fit all that I am into one box! I posted something similar a few days ago on my instagram. Talk about synchronicity. I always think about quitting my job to do readings FT and eventually yoga or personal training—But I'm also grateful for the stability and flexibility my job offers me. This was SO spot on! Thanks, Brett!

  2. Thank you for this podcast, I finished yoga teacher training almost a year ago, and am beating myself up that I am not teaching yet. I work a corporate job and I tell my husband all the time I should just quit so I can kick myself in the butt and teach! This is just what I needed to hear, now to find a way to get in to the network and get myself out there.

  3. I taught for a while, while I was still working full time… You know that old adage 'do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life" Rubbish! It became a JOB … I ended up removing myself from yoga for two years.. I am finally getting back to ME on the mat after a long break.. teaching drained me, I wasn't practicing for myself.. I was giving my energy away and ended up hating it. Some personalities thrive on that kind of thing, me I hated it. So you have to be aware of your own shortcomings before trying to teach others. that is my story! I may dip a toe back in in the future, but for now, my selfiness needs to get back to me… And the style I was teaching is not what I practice now.. now I'm about Yin and Restorative… it is what my body is craving.

  4. So I just finished the whole podcast and holy moly did you hit EVERYTHING on the head!!! It's so true how your own practice changes when you first start teaching and how much emotional energy you spend while doing it. It's incredibly rewarding but these are exactly what people need to consider!

  5. Great podcast! I'm totally that person who always feels unhappy with my corporate job but I'm fortunate to teach 1-2 yoga classes a week at my local studio here in Seattle where I did my teacher training. These make me feel so fulfilled and happy, and balance out my day job. I think most people would hate teaching yoga full time because that's 20-30 classes a week and being fully immersed in studio politics which unfortunately still exists in the yoga world 😞

  6. Loved this podcast! A topic that I think should definitely be covered that can sometimes be uncomfortable. I think you did a great job of being completely honest and genuine! I work in the makeup industry for film and TV, and this is so true for my industry as well! I'll be taking the YTT in February so I can incorporate teaching basic/beginner yoga to aspiring makeup artists for my online membership program I am currently developing! To say that I am excited for February to come is truly an understatement! lol!

    Thank you for all you do!
    Amber Talarico

  7. Awesome podcast, thank you so much. I couldn‘t agree more with everything. It doesn‘t do yoga any good if it is stuck in a somewhat naive and unrealistic world, so thank you for being honest, authentic and real about it. And at the same time I feel you are not betraying the original yoga philosophy of teachers passing it on „for free“…. in a way, this is what we can do through youtube! For the „students“ it‘s free. But what does it mean for the „teacher“, such an important question. I just started my own channel, and am so glad that I am not dependent on it bringing in money and success, because this way I can be authentic. And eventually I will see if people like it or not, and – maybe more important – if I like it myself. Nothing good ever comes from pressure. It was amazing because I actually didn‘t need your advice for myself, but it was such a pleasure to listen to you, that I didn‘t feel like turning it off before the end. You are a proof and motivation for me that authenticity and truth will make their way, always.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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