Donte DiVincenzo's Old Tweets

From quoting Meek Mill to anilingus, National Championship hero Donte DiVincenzo finds out Twitter’s search function never forgets. WATCH NEXT: Jeff Van …


  1. These weren't as horrible as I thought they would be. Some of them were just stupid and even the offensive ones weren't as horrible as I was expecting. Faggot used to be pretty commonly used slang by people and was not something that was offensive to the general public until recently. He's not black, so he should never be using the N word at all, but at least he didn't use it in a racist way. I give him that at least.

  2. Do people not realize that the name "Dante/Donte" originated in Europe and is actually developed as a caucasian name? Nobody knows about "Dante's Inferno"? That story as been around since the beginning of time, and that was created in Europe.

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