DayZ Xbox One Tips and Tricks Basic Survival Movement & Looting Mechanics

DayZ Xbox One Tips and Tricks Basic Survival Movement & Looting Mechanics for taking on the zombies or others. pReview: …


  1. The backpack wasn't glitchy, the whole game is! lol And you couldn't equip the mountain backpack because you had a crafted courier sack on, you had to drop the sack to pick up and equip the backpack lol

  2. Is this game still getting worked on? I just got it today and I just wanna make sure that they are still adding into the game and not leaving it like how it is

  3. I kinda wish you had a permanent map cause the map is massive and it's hard to navigate but I just started playing hopefully it gets easier cause I die alot due to starvation food is so scarce lol

  4. Every time i jump into a game i starve or dehydrate before i ever see someone else, it takes litterally less than 5 minutes without food or water to die. Definately needs to be fixed.

  5. Generally I think they should make different inventory options available. For example: On some games there are different controller layouts and people pick what there comfortable in. They should have the cursor option, original option, and another option that they come up with. It just gives people options to see what they wanna get comfortable with and how they wanna look through their inventory.

  6. I Just downloaded DAYZ for my Xbox one four days ago and I have a total play time of about 3 hours as well as several deaths under my belt. I've never played a true survival game before so I didn't know quite what to expect. My first impressions after running around looking for food and water, not finding any and keeling over dead or getting sniped by people while trying to figure out how the dam inventory system works was how impossibly difficult and seemingly pointless this game was. I couldn't believe I wasted $39.99 on it. "Where the heck is the in-game map so I know where I am and where I'm going!? Why do i have to eat and drink to stay alive and do we really need this pain in the ass stamina bar!? Isn't it bad enough I have to worry about other players trying to kill me without dying from disease, exhaustion, hypothermia, starvation or dehydration!? Why can't I name and create my own character!? Why do I look different every time I re-spawn!?…blah blah blah." I couldn't wrap my head around the fact that this wasn't like any other game I've played before. I wasn't being sent by somebody to hunt down a specific number of npc's or to farm for hours collecting a certain number of something's to turn in for a useless reward. I wasn't being forced to run around like a madman foraging for gear and weapons, shooting at every person I saw as the world around me literally shrank to the size of a postage stamp. I wasn't going to be constantly queuing up for the same old pvp arena so I could finally get my hands on that EPIC gear that all of my friends have been bragging about for months. I wouldn't be grinding my character to level 100 racing towards the end game all the while restarting to my last save just before I was about to die…again. Instead this game is about waking up with nothing but the clothes on your back, disoriented and vulnerable in a strange land, not knowing where you are or how you got there. No-one to give you instructions, guidance or direction. It's about not knowing where to go or from where, when or if your next meal is coming. It's about not knowing where you can find shelter and how your going to defend yourself. It's about not knowing if you can or should trust that stranger approaching you who seems to be just as lost and alone as you are. It's about hearing those gunshots and wondering how close they are to you, who's shooting and why. It's about wondering if making it through everything you've encountered up to now will see you through till tomorrow or will you die tonight and have to start all over….again. In short it's about Survival, and all of the questions, uncertainties, paranoia and even the occasional if not unexpected goodwill from others that comes with it. It's a completely different type of game than I'm used to playing and it requires a completely different mindset, but that's not a bad thing. DAYZ definitely has its own unique challenges for a novice survivalist like myself but it also offers its own unique experiences and rewards as well.

  7. 9:10 wow my hands are not lookin great , proceeds to pick up water and not wash hands , 10:28 drinks water out of diseased hands still doesn't wash them lmao that's awesome.. on a side note , microsoft/xbox needs to hurry up and put in the support of a keyboard and mouse on xbox

  8. As bad as it sounds i find the best way to start off is just find a small town and loot it for whatever u can. Then leave the lobby and find another one. Rinse and repeat. And if you run in to trouble try to hide or just leave the lobby before u get killed.

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