Crazy Amount of Worms Changed My mind about Plastic Gardening

I have a love hate relationship gardening with these gardening silage tarp (uv treated) but then I found ALL these worms and worm castings. Easily thousands of …


  1. hi my husband (this is his account) follows you religiously. He had a heart attack on Sunday at church and on the way to the hospital all he could ask about were his chickens. he specifically said if you dont understand how the Chicksaw works go watch the you tube video url i painted on it. hes only 29 and i would love if your family would send up a prayer for him he is recovering but it took alot of his lifeforce out of him. P.S Mrs Rhodes you are amazing with your childlers we both strive to be parents like you!

  2. Thomas Jefferson said "I have often thought that if heaven had given me choice of my position and calling, it should have been on a rich spot of earth…" I think of that every time I smell good soil.

  3. Broadforking the area would protect the worms from being chopped… that ground looks GOOD! And yes, those worms were mating… i can't wait until i have space for a good garden!

  4. Justin, you’re doing a great job! I Can’t wait until spring really comes and you guys start getting new animals. You guys editing on the videos just keeps getting better and better. Worms are great… I have my own worm composting bin, so I create almost all of my own fertilizer!

  5. I have a question. Why do you remove the fence if you end up putting it right where it was? Why not just move the far side where you want it on the new side and swing the short sides over?

  6. Everything looks so amazing. Seeing all the help you need makes me happy that I have a small yard to grow in. I am still not ready for that much work. Still have alot to learn before we grow that big.

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