CML Speaks On Tagging Him As Bay Artist, Says Philthy Rich Beef Is Over + More

(Part 2) CML aka @CashMoneyLavishD Returns To The Rapshack, Hes Speaks On BayArea Vlogs Tagging Him as “BayArea” Artist, Speaks On Philthy Rich …


  1. That nigguh started off the interview on some gay shit lmao a nigguh a bitch cause he didn't dm you bck πŸ€” … You probably try to clown bitches that don't wanaa fck too .. Wack ass boy lmao … Oh yea and fck Mozzy lame ass too ..

  2. We more active. I was just locked up in the bay and they got whites and blacks in the same dorms. They dont do that in sac. They was trippin asking me about sac and gangs. I was trippin like you guys dont know about bloods and crips??? I heard one dude saying cuz then he said blood in the next sentence. I looked at him like wtf bro who are you? That shit dont fly. The bay different from sac.

  3. Lav you took that comment from philthy tthe wrong way…he was saying that lav had a successful show in the town..because promoters was nnot booking him …he was actually talking about making a bag for them both….but you the one talking tuff..nigga humble yourself

  4. You can’t be a gangster and a rapper at the same time and Philthy rich is an artist plain and simple he want bigger things than dying on the block over some stupid shit he want to go mainstream and touch real M’s

  5. I'm tired of hearing this Sacramento ain't the Bay shit…

    That shit only matters to Cali niggas.

    You can't help how people view the world…

    When I think of Sacramento, C Bo, X Raided, Marvelous, Mozzy, Brother Lynch, Comes to mind.

    When I think of The Bay, 2 Pac, Too Short, E 40 and Click, Spice 1, The Bigga Figga, RBL Posse, Mac Dre, The Jacka, J Stalin, Messy Marve, San Quinn, and Rich The Factor comes to mind.

  6. Im from san jose and believe me no city in northern cali is a joke the whole bay area all the way up to sacramento santa rosa its real everyone talks about l.a being real nah homie i can bet my life that the bay area san jose oakland east palo alto richmond way more crazy then so cal

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