Cannabis As A Harm Reduction Alternative for Methadone Addiction

Dr. Paul Hornby speaking at the Assembly of First Nations Annual Meeting on July 25th, 2018 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Full Transcript Found Here: …

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  1. Hi' I've been on Methadone for back pain sense 1999 ' now they want to take it away or I should say have taken it away. They got me down to 10mg 3 x aday from 40 mg 3x aday Then the 1st of Aug here a different doctor who tried a back stimulator in me' which did not work ' in fact it made it worse, put me on 10mg Percocet 3x a day , but it's not working and I have to take it every 4 hours and I'm still in pain. Now I'm going to run out and am looking on the street for anything to help with this pain. now I'm at the point of trying Heroin because it's easier to find than methadone. Just trying to find some help! William Kollman facebook

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