Anyone Can Become Addicted to Drugs

You might think that only some types of people can get addicted to drugs. The truth is, it can happen to anyone, whether you’re young or old, rich or poor, male or …


  1. 1:16: "But you do not become addicted if you don't take drugs."

    This is simply wrong, and this "common sense" but false belief is harming millions of people with chronic pain who are being forced to reduce or stop using pain medication that has enabled them to function for years or decades. There are many people who are addicted to compulsive behavior without ingesting anything. The cause of many overdose deaths today is the criminalization and demonization of drugs like opioids. All of our "battles" against fake crises do more harm than good.

    Parents should continue teaching children to use caution when ingesting anything, but government leaders should be forced to stop using moral panic issues marketed by cult groups that profit from fear mongering (PROP, Fed Up, Shatterproof, etc.). These leaders are self-serving egomaniacs, and the cult groups are usually started by parents of overdose victims who are deflecting their own guilt by destroying the lives of injured veterans, disabled, intractable pain, elderly, and many others who benefit from using pain medication. Millions of chronic pain patients are now being treated like criminals – which is every bit as wrong as treating heroin addicts like criminals.

    Demonizing a substance is logically pointless, and when a drug class benefits so many people it's bigoted and harmful. We're using authoritarian collectivism (policy and brainwashing) to make reliably manufactured opioids more and more inaccessible to people who want them and need them, which is forcing more people toward illicit heroin often laced with illicit fentanyl analogues 50 times more potent than expected.

    Meanwhile, pain patients are choosing to either try the black market, rot and suffer in pain, or kill themselves. Perverse authors of the marketing of false information and fear teach their cult followers to label overdose deaths and suicides caused by criminalization and demonization as "opioid" caused. We need to stop wasting tax dollars on organizations that promote the cultist demonization of modern medicine and Prohibition policy destroying lives, and instead promote individual freedom of choice and responsibility – and limited government.

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