🚨RED ALERT: Nation Wide Drug Addiction Crisis

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  1. I've been thru some shit but heroin was the hardest thing I had to overcome. I will always be in recover and I will fight this battle everyday. I wish I knew what I was getting into before I used. And the fucked up thing is that after awhile I wasn't getting high… Just better ( normal) sometimes it would take all day to pick up. I been robbed and jacked easily over 15,000 dollars. Lost friends xmy pride and self worth. I was very blessed to have a great family unit but it can happen to anyone. I was a respected kid to some guy, beg, borrowed, and steal. Still living with at guilt today. It consumed me. Even 30,000 $ rehab visits to just go home and get high, but one day I was making a toy box for my daughter that is six months. And had an epiphany, what if I overdosed and this is all she will have of me. I can't jipp her out of a father that would trade my life for hers in a second. I was doing about a gram and a half of day intravenously. About a 120$ a day. Sometimes it would take me 45mins to hit a vien because my shit was so wrecked. I'm reminded everyday of my poor choices ND the irreversible damage. I was poor and didn't even have money to get her formula. How could I be so selfish. I know it's a disease and what not but it's also a lack of will power and if you don't like me, well than that makes two of us. How could I have been so selfish? But everything happens for a reason and what doesn't kill u makes u stronger or crazier. If u can save at least one person from my experience then it's all worth it. I remember getting called a junkie from someone as a low blow but what u don't understand most heroin addicts live in a nightmare everyday. If anyone jeez to reach out I'm here AND always willing to listen

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