When to Buy Penny Stocks Overnight? | Beginner Day Trading Strategy

When is it good to buy and hold penny stocks overnight? This is one of my best day trading strategies for beginners. I have SIX criteria for this overnight swing …


  1. Great video. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Thanks for sharing your experience on Why you Never go all in on a patteren that meet your criteria. It CAN go against you.

  2. Great video 👍🏻
    I have a question, Why do you still buy if you’re getting dump to many times? It’s like you’re winning big, but losing it the next day. How much profit you make in a week?

  3. I'm not really into trading stocks, so none of this stuff really makes sense to me. But it's cool to see a (very pretty) girl with ambition and an interest in finance. Your channel banner is hilarious. "No lambos here… Only reality!" I had one of those types of guys in my entrepreneurship class last semester, and it was soo cringe, haha. Anyway, do you think you could recommend some of your favorite serious finance Youtube channels?

  4. I think this is the first time I got called out on a public video. Maybe it will be my only chance of telling my friends that I was shown on YouTube lol. Your subscribers are growing really fast, if I'm correct, a week or 2 weeks ago you were at 404. Now you're at 593. I'll definitely watch this video again before I swing a runner penny stock. I've also been testing to swing oversold penny stocks too hoping by the time it shows signs of reversal, the price is low enough that all the bad news had been factored in and the short sellers needed to cover. I usually consider penny stocks that had spiked before. I enter when there's signs of reversal with maybe just 5% to 20% gain of the day. But I do it conservatively and first calculate my stop lost with the dollar amount I'm willing to loss. Set stop lost at previous day low. But I'm still testing it so I don't have any winning rates yet.

  5. I need to watch this channel more. I bought into a sector sympathy bubble and lost $20 on a penny stock. I didn't even look at a chart. I just thought "the world is changing. I need to buy now." Haha. Such a noob thing to do.

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