Two bills in the works to legalize medical marijuana in Kansas

Two different bills are being drafted to make medical marijuana legal in Kansas, both bills with the same general idea. But, while one bill is more conservative, …


  1. He said prescription pills are pure and clean?? Medicine synthesized and in pill form is about as far away from "pure" as you can get.

    * 72,000 people a year in the U.S. die from prescription drug use
    * 0 people a year on the planet die from marijuana use

  2. He said very specific research….? Okayyyy….how about the very specific amount of deaths and addictions from pharmacy man made medicine…?…what about that?….to deny somebody medicine the way your doing because you believe in money and large pharmacy and keeping people sick on "specific" medicine is just incredibly evil….or just incredibly out of times and unable to see what is really going on right in front of your eyes. I know 3 people in my family PERSONALLY who left a sick miserable life on prescribed "specific" medicine given to them….to a life without any pills or stomach aches or any pain at all. It's been researched we know what it does and so do the other states, you are just in it for yourself for whatever reason with your decision. Let's save lives in Kansas you idiot.

  3. Of course they don't allow self-growing. It's big business trying to set themselves up while excluding the small guys. So annoying. Hopefully more consumer friendly proposals come through.

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