1. You didn’t review it really well you just told use what was in it next time talk about each piece and don’t just speed thru everything in 3 min not talking shit about the vid but it’s just a suggestion

  2. Was thrilled with the box. No headshops near me, so there was a lot in the box I have never seen let alone touched. I don't think I'll need another box for a year. Thanks for the review.

  3. No cons?? So you'd rather have more incense and wet wipes than rolling papers??
    My biggest con with any and every cannabis subscription box is that they NEVER provide enough rolling material for those who smoke joints/blunts. A single pack of papers only costs $0.50 when buying a whole box of papers (and they definitely get it way cheaper than that, at least half that, through massive wholesales), yet they only provide one or two packs of them… super disappointing. As a joint smoker, it renders the subscription boxes useless, as I can get a whole box of 50 packs of papers (which would last for a couple months) for less than the price of just one subscription box.
    Let's count the larger box. 2 packs of papers, 3 packs of blunts, 4 pre-rolls. That totals to 87 individual rolling papers, and 6 blunts. So 93 things to wrap weed in.
    Keep in mind, they only provided one pack of regular tips, and one pack of coned tips. Totaling 56 tips, that's about half of what you'd need, just for the wraps provided.. which isn't even much.
    I personally go through a whole pack of papers every 3 days, and a whole pack of tips every 5 days. So this box would be absolutely useless for me. Would be a total waste of money, considering I'd still need to go spend the price of the bigger subscription box to get my monthly supply of papers and tips.
    Who really needs the incense and wet wipes huh? I mean come on… that's just cheap crap thrown in the box to make it seem worth it. Ain't nobody need that much incense, wet wipes, and pipe cleaners, over what should actually be needed, which is papers and tips…
    As a reviewer, you should really give a more solid and useful review. Don't just suck up to whoever made the product. You most probably got the product sent to you for free, in which case this is a flawed review, because people naturally like free stuff, and you're more inclined to say positive things. If you truly bought this yourself, with your own money, and still think its 100% worth it, with nothing negative to say, then I'm afraid you have too much money to waste.

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