1. its a delusion. You cant lower body vibrations with these nasty drugs and except spiritual enlightenment . That aint going to happen . You will experience lower bottom Hellish demonic worlds not heavenly realms

  2. My God! Why don't people turn to a real solution for their empty lives like protesting geoengineering, which is destroying the planet or the death of ecosystems?! Get a life, you idiots.

  3. These people SELL their plant, using shamans to control the sessions. When a crime occurs from a confused user of their " magical " bark, they are offended. Well, I can only say, you asked for it. It is the reward you get for your greed. You say it was your medicine but gringos use it as a vice ! Really ? why do they think they are getting spiritually connected ? Is there a deception ? are you lying to these fools who are insecure and reaching for the truth ? not knowing it comes from within, naturally. No drugs needed. What does that bark do to the liver ? does it cleanse it or poisons it ? what does it do to the whole body ? so much ignorance and deception, on all levels.

  4. If it makes you sick and you barf, why would you drink this ? Just learn to meditate and you will get that wisdom you seek. People are looking for quick fixes……we know the pattern. One is born every minute.

  5. Ayahuasca is not for everyone, it is a very serious medicine and should be treated with the upmost respect. It is NOT a drug, a recreation drug or party drug, it is a Spiritual Medicine. This video is NOT about Ayahuasca, it is about people and their problems. If you wish to learn about Ayahuasca skip this video, there is no information here. But if you wish to learn about people and their problems, then by all means, watch this video.

  6. This video was made by a parasite. Channel 4 is a nest of lying pedophiles. They would throttle to death their own mothers if it put £50,000 in their bank accounts.

  7. How many of these people try meditation and mindfulness before this kind of instant karma? Typical young, impatient, narcissistic products of modern society wanting instant gratification. I used to be the same but you people have to wise up. Only life and all its travails can give you what you need

  8. Trust Channel 4 News to pump out some mindless propaganda sludge – The healing benefits of Ayahuasca rival our entire pharmaceutical industry and believe me, THAT is why they are putting this absolute trash out, to scare you away from the truth.

  9. one guy dies and it turns into a story for some people who don't know any better, same reason that coca leaves in brown hands become toxic cocaine in white hands — outsiders have no idea what's really going on… 4000 people died from fentanyl in canada last year, this "journalism" is fake news…

  10. Hmmm… a countries inhabitants disappointed with new comers, and a murderous act committed causing upheaval of their culture, and way of life??? Sounds like the invasive illegals in America…then there are those other countries throughout Western Civilization as well!!! Abandoned by their own governments???
    As for Ayahuasca…exotic tourism of adventurous curiosity…we are all different people…yet when one has a choice to make on their own…most… generally speaking …do as all the others…be it a tech product of name in stature…or that of a popular destination…clothing…let alone a drug induced drink…
    It is quite simply unto the person pursuing enlightenment…guidance…a miracle cure for an ailment… of body…spiritual soul or that of mind as to ones degree of rational…

  11. The native person at the end hit the problem right on, it is the people that abuse drugs and use them as a vice that are the problem. The plant is a tool and when used properly it can heal, and as with any tool when misused it can easily harm. What makes more sense to me is to regulate people that can have access to things instead of the plants and many other things in the world. I can and have worked with many different tools, and do so safely, but there are people if they used the same things could easily be dead in a few seconds because they are not properly trained. It is the people that need to be second guessed, not the things of this world. Perhaps we need some kind of permit, as we don't do things based on skills so much but on much simpler things. We set arbitrary standards for all, when it is the unskilled and untrained that are the problem. Just because someone is18 or 21 does not mean that they are actually able to make informed decisions, but we have that arbitrary standard to make that distinction instead. I say we need testing and verification to choose who can do what, that as opposed to saying that anyone of an age or color or has the money can do things. This is the fault of our culture, and it will lead to our destruction.

  12. The most dangerous legal drug in the USA is Television. It can be used to pursuade people to kill themselves and their families, also destroy peoples lives and their future all to the benefit of a small few people that control the networks.

  13. Ill informed & a misrepresentation of plant medicine, for obvious propaganda purposes.  Pity referred to as hallucinations, incorrect when they are actually visions.  So many people, myself included, have benefitted & healed many aspects of themselves that without these sacraments would have been impossible.  Please show some respect & learn a better understanding of this transformative powerful medicine.

  14. I've used DMT to deal with addiction issues, but I can't get into this mystical BS. I know its a hallucinogen, and it seemed to do something to fix an addiction that I hadn't been able to fix by myself for years. Its easy enough to get on ebay if you know some basic chemistry to extract it, and it should be legal here in the US, since Saliva divinorum still is, and has a similarly intense effect. DMT (the main drug in ayahuasca), has some incredible property to break addiction (at least for me, and for the specific drug addiction I had), and despite my worry that this would be a short lived effect like with psylocybin mushrooms, it has lasted over 3 years now. For me personally the experience was terrifying and not enjoyable in any way, and not one I want to repeat ever again. when i was young I did a lot of LSD and especially mushrooms, but this was on a whole different level.

  15. Amanfromnorthernireland DIED lastnightofacodeinoverdose
    haemotologisthavenotedeventhoughthe DOSE ofthecodeinwastaggeringly HIGH thetracesfoundofthe LSD wereshowntoberatherlow

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