The 700 Club – March 26, 2019

Pat Williams shares how the “warriors” from West Point prepare for battle. Plus, learn what happens after an addict takes his final hit. ▻ WATCH more stories: …


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  2. I live in Seattle and the jobs are starting to get short. If you were to go into a fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s, you’ll find more chaos than employees because of the $15.00 an hour. The prices increase to Cover the cost of this law.

  3. If we up minimum wage, then less jobs and inflation, so higher prices for stuff and less people with jobs to be able to afford it… How about people actually hang onto jobs and get raises, not starting out with more… This helps teach how to manage your finances… Which that also should be a high-school prerequisite course. Credit-cards for new college students, is just a quicker way to push them into debt and the poor house…

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