1. 3:33 – THC is an agonist compound creating a tolerance instantly ( effects)
    CBD is an antagonist compound taking much longer to reach a tolerance threshold.
    the two compounds in conjunction to one another make for a balance of tolerance. CBD sits outside of the cannabinoid receptors antagonizing the intracellular enzymes while THC goes directly into the receptors and creates a verified confirmation of change (crystalline receptor channel / bio-activity) …

  2. personally i think it depends on what your trying to get from it aswell as the fact that one or the other may be better for something specific, like when you brought up rick simpson

  3. I use a 20:1 CBD:THC for stress and anxiety and it works really well for me. I also tried 2:1 CBD:THC and it really did not do much. I even get great benefits from straight full spectrum CBD, and have my favorite sources. So for me the high CBD products have the best effect.

  4. On the topic of Rick Simpson- He seems aggravated that people are using his name to promote hemp oil. RSO is a THC cannabis extract and has very little to do with CBD. It's the THC extract he uses to treat and cure cancer. When people sell hemp oil using his name and claim it fights cancer they are giving misinformation when peoples lives may be on the line. If you're treating inflammation or reducing seizures, than CBD is awesome.

  5. Hey there! I am looking to help ease my Post Acute Withdraw after tapering off Xanax. I NEED relief from pain and anxiety! Is it safe in this situation? I get no answers anywhere! Please help!

  6. It actually depends on the individual. I can easily get MM, per my disabilities. Hemp Complete, which is Full Spectrum, works for me and doesn't cost me the once a year fee for a Doctor to approve me, or get a permit from DHS or have to travel a couple of hours to an overpriced dispensary. Initially it would cost me about $700. To receive the first two weeks of use. I can get what I need for a fraction of the cost, time and travel, right here locally or online.

  7. Personally my favorite cannabinoid is CBN due to its high level of sedation (for sleep) and strong appetite increase. I have tried both pure CBD, and full hemp flower before and honestly pure CBD does not seem to have any physical effect on me. I do however get a physical effect from hemp flower (even in somewhat lower doses) so that's where I think the future lies. I do not personally think CBD will be the main focus in the future as CBD seems most effective when working in conjunction with other cannabinoids and terpenes.
    I think at the moment people are kind of stuck focused on this CBD/THC fiasco because its what they know and are used to hearing about. While they are the most major cannabinoid components, they are almost certainly not the most useful. I hope in the future there will be more talk into CBN as I think CBN could literally replace benzos for lower dose benzo users. All speculation until there is numbers though. Keep making the great content sir.

  8. Strain is everything #theplantisokay
    I eat only activated whole plant cannabis for the health effects. I use several different strains and ratios. I live in Oregon and i enjoy inexpensive accessible product. My group tests strains.

  9. I was buying CBD oil online and it was hit or miss on whether it worked for my pain. I was wasting $ and my doc didn’t want me buying questionable products. I live in a MM state so she did a referral. Long story short: both the MM doc and the dispensary pharmacist said I should get the 1:1 product. I had never used marijuana and didn’t want any THC so I got a high CBD product. The effects were minimal. I was upset that I spent that much $ for something that didn’t work. I went back and got the 1:1 product. HUGE difference!! Not only did it literally numb my pain, it helped me get quality sleep! I felt very relaxed but not “high”. I only take it at bedtime but the effect carries over into the next day which means I take less naproxen…which is wrecking my GI system.

    I don’t know why the 1:1 works better. I was a skeptic but it really works. Great vid😊

  10. I have found people who only have access of CBD oil by multi level marketing are the most argumentative people I’ve met regarding this subject.
    While I understand their inability to acquire a great 1:1 mixture is helping form their opinions, I try to avoid them like the plague. lol
    Thank you for your well given videos. ❤️

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