1. Dumb.. thats what its called for putting a shed at the low point… access to water is pretty sparse… move the shed and put in a damn at the low point… irrigation and fish advantages..

  2. Loaded up GE Pro but couldn't get anywhere near the rendering of Curtis' map of Kelowna. I dunno if the satellite photos of Japan are just that bad, or that triangulating shadows according to time of year to find height/size is rocket science, but I barely got elevation data, and that can only be viewed from like 160ft AGL (and has 17' structures looking like they're four stories and grey polyons), no rendering of trees, etc. I guess it's a good thing the farmlands pretty nice all around though….

  3. I used the same techniques and found one for 330'000 Swiss francs with 20 acres land! Years back. You may plant, you may water, but you forget that God gives the increase. Amen.

  4. hi curtis, awesome content, lots of precious tips, i found your channel a month ago and have been watching almost all of them. thanks a lot ! for your personal info, in "la ferme des quatre temps' the P and S of temps are silent 🙂 so it sounds like la ferme des quatre tem.. french is weird like that !!

  5. This is like fantasy football but instead of teams, it is farms. We do that all the time with our own farm, we don't live there yet just vacation but we are going to move there full time when hubby retires.
    We have maps and farming apps that we play with all the time. We put down 3 wells, bought a steel warehouse, put power poles, went in on some cattle with a friend but have no house, not even any real plans for a house because we go in our RV…it's ALL about the farming LOL! It is a lot more fun than those farming games on the internet.

  6. How can you pay a "million" for a few acres in a frigid zone? I have acreage with 4 growing seasons purest water around and 20 miles from the most visited spot in the world I would be lucky to get 5k an acre ???? It baffles me the disparity in land value$$ based on hording/speculation and fake paper money by real estate tycoons. And yes I have some of the richest/oldest soil on property with no views of other peoples structures or herbicide pesticide drift …..one of the biggest problems w/current ag practices. & NO ROCKS.

  7. FYI if you are using Google Earth you can load in any KML or KMZ file to see other data like soils, parcels, landcover, zoning, etc. Much of which is freely available.

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