1. I was 22, Me an my best friend killed two 30pks of blue ribbon & two big bottles of Red an white wine & a bottle of crown royal. Woke up on the bathroom floor with the Tremor shakes & reeking of booze. Lol, You don't know a hang over until your body feels like it's shutting down 😂😂💀😷

  2. One night I kept slamming vodka and cranberry drinks and after my third one the bartender finally told me that each one contained three shots of vodka! I blacked out numerous times that night only to come to as I was dry heaving off of and into various things. That morning I threw up so much that I cried. I eventually got my shit together and made it to my neighbor’s Halloween party, though.

  3. My worst hangover was when i was 13. I was with a friend and we drank a whole bottle of sky and lied down on a tree at a park absoulutley wasted and then i woke up and my mom was yelling at me

  4. Ya I got drunk once, chased an unknown guy in a dark alley…the guy was fucking scared and ran as fast as he could.i had no actual bad intentions.went to a restaurant. Drank 3 cups of hot tea only in one sip.saw the local political leader and hugged him in front of his party members while i was drunk.screamed at people on the road to clearr the road while the cops watched and somehow still managed to stay awake till 4 a.m.

  5. I had a hangover in jail with strep throat and a fever for 3 days. My other bad hangover was after drinking 750ml bottle of cheap vodka all to myself and taking an ambien. It took me 48 hours to recover from that. I could hardly lift my arms or even do anything.

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