New York Sues Big Pharma for Opioid Crisis

Sackler and PurduePharma profited from “suffering and death,” NYC AG Letitia James says. White collar criminologist Bill Black discusses the case Subscribe to …


  1. Absurd. Pain management doctors and patients knew the meds were addictive. Good pain management tries everything else to relief pain before going to these pain medicines. The CDC has admitted they inflated their numbers. Where is that investigation and lawsuit? What are very sick people suffering from extremely painful illnesses, that have no other options as they have tried everything else , suppose to do? Surely they are allowed pain relief. No, the federal guidelines only allow relief to cancer patients. The gov needs to clearly separate illegal drug use from legal pain management – before another person has to die because they aren’t allowed pain relief.

  2. Profit seeking activity(often called "capitalism") is a mental disease like gambling addiction.
    Your life will go around it and nothing else will matter, you'll feed on it, it'll take control of your life.
    It matters even less when it comes to someone else's lives.

    It's about time we should recognize it as mental disease.

  3. @The Real News Network : Excellent, fantastic interview/discussion! Wrt (with respect to) Big Tobacco cies, a very important thing that very likely wasn't addressed with the federal govt's actions against these cies is that it most surely wouldn't have happened, if these cies operated honestly, sanely and intelligently, for then they would've used only tobacco that was truly natural. It was reported now many years ago, though during the 2000's, that a man who had worked as director of a chemistry lab. for one of the large Big Tob. cies exposed the mal-practices, say, of the cie he had worked for. He was shown presenting a sheet of paper, I guess 8"x11", listing several hundred different chemicals, I think possibly most, if not all, being synthetic, that the cie added to its tob. products; certainly for pre-made and pre-packaged cigarettes anyway. I don't recall the man's name, but he became an anti-tobacco activist, created his personal related Web site, …, and he and the cie fought each other in court for plenty of years. I don't know what the outcome of that was but think, as well as hope, that he finally won (hopefully, good for him) in such a way that there'd be no more of these court battles. I don't know how many of those chemical additives were truly toxic, but certainly some definitely were. And another thing I recall having read that's related, though without being able to recall the source, so I don't know if it's the same person, but what it said is that the Big Tob. cies had a hybridized form of tobacco created for use for the cie's or cies' tob. products; and, this hybrid was 4x more addictive than purely natural tob. Truly pure natural tob. has some nicotine, but it's barely addictive, if noteworthily addictive at all. And because it's truly pure for product, it obviously wouldn't be contaminated with chemical additives, not synthetic ones. Of course a person obtaining loose tob. to roll, make their own cig's with, or to smoke in a pipe could enhance the flavor, such as by adding some lavender seeds, or a little eucalyptus, f.e., and those are chemical, for everything that exists is chemical, i.e., has natural chemistry; but, it isn't synthetically created chemicals. These ARE things that a thorough action against the racketeering Big Tob. cies would need to include serious consideration of; again, to be thoroughly comprehensive. There's no reason to "hold back any punches". There's no valid reason to avoid thoroughly informing the public, which govts need to ensure they truly, competently and thoroughly work in service to. I'd welcome learning plenty more about the federal govt actions against Big Tob. cies in the USA. And, lastly, it's very welcome to learn about this Big Phama. opioid criminality. It's good to learn that even if the federal govt isn't doing everything it should do about this, then at least states have begun to seriously act about this. There's more racketeering than this happening, but there needs to be some real actions … at least once in a while. There's a hell of a lot more to be done; f.e., the USA's MIC and totally unjustifiable, criminal wars by Washington et alia, of course the financial sector(s), illegal trafficking of firearms to Mexico that Washington is very guilty in, etc. Still, some gains are better than having none.

  4. Mike Moore, former AG of Mississippi still leading multi state lawsuit against Big Pharma corps? I see state of Washington joining this. Fines should be in 100s of billions.

  5. This explains why Trump has been distracting people's attention to the southern border (or anywhere else for that matter) and saying the opioid crisis is as a result of drugs coming in from outside of the country, whilst the real problem originated in the US, created by legal drug companies like Purdue and of course Big Pharma and it continues to be covered up.  It also explains why Trump has an Administration which works so diligently to drastically cut funding to essential programs for the people and at the same time gives huge tax cuts to the wealthy and corporations and massively cuts regulations on corporations which are now allowed to pollute the air, water and land legally.  In other words the country is being turned into a land where more sick people means more money to those who leach off that misery.  I can understand why there is only one candidate (Trump) on the Republican ticket for President in 2020, because Trump runs interference for the Republican Party – its Senators and Congressmen, whilst these vile henchmen are doing the real work behind the scenes to undermine democracy – you just have to look at how many conservatives and in most case totally unqualified candidates to be judges have been pushed through at lightning speed which means they can do the most damage without fear of consequence.

  6. America doesn't practice normal capitalism, it practices and is addicted to PREDATORY capitalism…
    That's the problem with its whole rotten system…

    None of the evils in America now, and there are many, would exist if politicians did their duties as they should.

    This is the result of the politicians being bought by monopoly corporations (imo).

  7. Everything being said about opioids, including the manufacturing of bogus research to demonstrate safety, is also true of alcohol, which is equally addictive and contributes even more to the diminished life expectancy of Americans, particularly men. But I doubt we'll see a lawsuit against Anheuser Busch InBev any time soon.

  8. The US government is a corporate government. I believe it would not be lucrative to the Obama administration, or the current one to stop this. Politicians win election because the are paid for, of course deals are made.

  9. doctors are 100 percent at fault here. opium has been known to be highly addictive for thousands of years. they went along for the money. they were the ones who could have said "no," and it would have stuck because it was "doctors orders" they, as a profession, stick their chest out and claim ethics and what not and we all know that they are a malignant lump on science. they've gone along with patent laws that rule out millions of potential drugs from plants, for money. when they know, and have known for centuries, the potential of plant medicines. for money they let big pharma dictate how they practice medicine. an entirely unredeemable lot they are.

  10. Many patients are able to work & live life on these medications. Taking them away has created more opioid deaths & suicides tripling the opioid death rate & not saving addicts.

  11. My husband was legally prescribed oxycontin and oxycodone for 16 years for a botched back surgery. Our lives got progressively worse as those drugs stopped alleviating the pain and depression set in. To stop on his own, he started taking kratom (a member of the coffee family). He was able to stop the oxys immediately with no withdrawal symptoms using kratom. The fda has been trying to make kratom illegal for years and have falsely claimed kratom has taken 44 lives since 2013. All the the alleged deaths came from mixing kratom with other drugs like fentanyl. Thousands of people who got off the hard drugs (including heroin) using kratom sent their personal stories to the fda and the usda to stop them from making this life-saving drug illegal. The fda and usda's efforts to make it illegal is in a holding pattern now. While watching this video, I kept thinking that the drugs that the sacklers want to create to stop addiction are probably just as addicting as the oxys and they have to be paid for by the taxpayers. Again, drug companies would benefit from this crisis, especially if plants like kratom were made illegal. I know hundreds of online friends who've been saved by kratom and I wish that there was fair media about the plant to save more. It's all about the benjamins, baby. Oh, and my husband is now relatively pain free and has been able to do physical things that he could only dream of doing while taking the pharmaceuticals, all because he takes kratom a couple of times a day.

  12. I am curious of the transition of kids to opioids My Iddo frequently had accidents when he and his father would getogether and purchase and try out motorized ridding vehicles. and hence he would come back with painkillers. I feel he was seeking that wierd way of viewing the world when he swiched over in highschool to supplying his own.

  13. Unfortunate. "Touchscreen Addiction" is rampant. A more widespread global addiction that heroin opiod epidemic. Touch the screen, and a response is initiated, signal comes back out to eye contact, and brain Dopamine release occurs, everytime. Old, middle age, and young covering all users. "They" found out a way to get everyone, especially those who are not involved with Porn or ultra violent programs. Opiod solicitation, is based on the same principles of enticement, etc. used in many other advertising's by using prominent people. For the sale or prescription of Over the Counter pain relievers, which cause heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure, ulcers, etc. *Other *dependencies: coffee, tea, Vitamins/Vitamin water; drinks; Energy Drinks, Candy, Tobbaco, Alcohol both legal needing no prescription. YET, WITH ALL THE accidents, liver and brain disease caused by it, NOT ONE COMPANY, NOT ONE PERSON HELD ACCOUNTABLE. *But there is this hypocrisy, with opiods, why ??? Same for Tobbaco*!! Read the *Side Effects to *most *non-narcotic prescription medicines….✓life threatening side effects. BUT NO AGGRESSIVE MEDIA LEGAL CONTACT. All the Corporations that have their Capital off-shore intentionally avoiding taxes, the love*of money is a extreme Addiction, the root of every evil!! So something smells bad here, as to why such a concerted effort against 1 area. Opiod *abuse, is a real bad habit. But, to (only go after) the crime, of setting up the naive, and ignorant in order to get them to partake of some product, (only go after) 1 product, when most advertising for most products is formulated the same way. The abuse of any of the *products I mentioned*, is not a good thing. But there has never been an ongoing program of commercials, and mention in news, and wide range of t.v. programming ; newspapers etc. on any of these others, like "Opiod Crisis Epidemic". And one answer to it would be, you need to stop the CIA and the groups they contract with, and destroy the fields, opium, CIA heroin labs, etc.etc. They are your drug dealers, and some U.S. Military people are involved, and DEA, and Police, Politicians. Isaiah 11:1-9 they shall not hurt nor destroy in all His Holy Kingdom, "in that day". God bless you 🤗

  14. I say turn the entire lot of Sacklers over to the general public, give them bottles of their toxic pills & bottles of vodka & give them a choice: be savagely beaten to death by the masses, or take the bottle of pills, wash them down with vodka & die the way they helped kill millions of people.

  15. Real News. Will you please expose the Sacklers as the Zionist Israel firsters that they are? Zionists like the Sacklers are waging wars for profit on Jew and Gentile alike. Please remember that most Jews are not Zionists. Zionism is a racist supremacist ideology that must be stopped.

  16. Zouhair Itani comments "17 years in Afghanistan, $800 billion to secure the Opium fields !
    This is how the corrupted politicians controls the US citizens!"

    I replied with
    not just the fields, the roads, the various gangs that controls those roads, the truck drivers, the handlers at the ports, airports, the workers, customs and military agents, and finally on the home front the spook(s) sitting in the government offices and their street contacts, all these these fleas need to get paid.

  17. Living the American dreams for the few less then few
    And what sad really American people they think they living that dream lol
    Americans like a jack ass been tied to water mill going around and around eyes closed fed enough only to keep on going around

  18. All the us past wars from vietnam and afghanistan, was becouse only this opium drogs, the usa has wining from this drogs bilions dolars, the fact are slmost from them secret service are the real lords drog dealers, they don't fight against this drogs , they have brought it in the usa and have put all this drogs of the us streets ,and it make very fast dependence ,and the regular customers the black people, pay after that high price for all this drogs and die very fast too .A lot from your goverment work been for this bastards drog dealers ,you have to put the army to does controle everybady, and make in sua the emergence situation .Your own us goverment can not management very well ,your country anymore ,they have to give them own demisions , they are useles and are not capable anymore to rule the usa , there will begin very soon the anarchy. i am from europa we can see all your news now of internet ,and from here far away from you ,we can see better than you ,all your us situation greetings and sorry for my bad english !


  20. It's true that most of the people who take opioids don't actually get addicted, and that's because statistically most use happens infrequently. However I'm pretty sure from personal experience that anyone who has a prescription for a few months or years is going to have a lot problems quitting.

  21. Every state needs to change the law of the statute of limitations for addicts to sue for damages. Even if doctors went to jail for over-prescribing, the statute is a few years. Most addicts don’t even recover for 10 years. They know that. Which is why the law is a lot less. The state suing is a good start, but will the addicts benefit? Do they get anything for damages to themselves and their families??

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