Myths of the Addiction Industry

Steven Slate, who once struggled with drug use himself, joins me to talk about whether what we think we know about addiction is really true. Is addiction a …


  1. Hi Tom!!
    Your show has become an Invaluable Resource for me in my journey of helping my daughter ‘Get the Heck Out’ of the System of 12 Step Rehabs, & Group meeting after meeting after meeting, etc!!!
    They just Locked her into a 30 Day Blackout Period at Vantage House in Lancaster, PA!! Ughhh! 😰
    I Am on a Mission to get Exposure made & Rehab facilities Readjusted!!!
    I’ve only just begun.
    I’m going to contact you further in the near future & find more awesome interviews from your show!! Keep up the Great Work & Thank You!!!
    Namaste 🙏🏼

  2. Wrong, the cronic alcoholics die. I would take your videos on recovery down becouse of your lack of understanding. It's truly a disservice.
    Bill and Bob should be noted for their contribution to the world. Them 12step have saved millions of cronic alcoholics over the years. A program of miracles it is.

    This video is crap, read the Big Book and you will know what the true 12 step program of recovery is.

  3. Just thought i'd bring this up

    for anybody out there (like myself) who does suffer from Anxiety…do NOT go to "Dr.Google" to figure out whether or not you have or will have Withdrawal ! There's so much Fear-mongering and Bullshit from Rehab and Recovery websites that i swear you could paint a portrait with their shit ! Just type in the word "withdrawal from Alcohol" and BAM ! "Seek immediate medical attention ! within six hours after the last drink you WILL <(They put it blatantly no matter what) experience shakes,hallucinations,elevated body temperature,blood pressure,heart rate & breathing,seizures etc.etc.etc." and on and ON With this nonsense ! Okay,i get it ! somebody who really REALLY drinks …and i mean it DRINKS Bad enough to experience this kind of Hell wouldn't even be functioning enough to seek help anyway most of the time ! so why feed us this "if you quit you WILL DIE !" BULLSHIT ?????? I'll tell you why happily….because more fear and stress and anxiety means more drinking,more severe raging Alcoholics and drug addicts in facilities and More dollars for the Alcohol and drug rehab corps. 😉 Alcohol industries want you Drunk so they keep making cash from you buying their products and rehab facilities (whether they help you or not) want you addicted and scared to quit on your own so that you check into their recovery centers which cost an ASS TON of cash to stay in ! so that THEY TOO Make money.

    So,…i am starting to believe personally.
    Just a thought. and no,i don't mean that Nobody will experience this stuff if they quit suddenly,but something doesn't make any sense to me at all and it does sound slightly fishy.

  4. Use is different then abuse. If you take rats and put them alone in a small cage with two water bottles, one has opium laced water, and the other has water. They will eventually overdose.

    Take a large group of rats, and put them in a safe and stimulating environment, well fed and offer them the choice between opium laced water and plain water and they won't overdose. Some will periodically ingest the laced water though.

  5. They actually teach you how not to "waste" your drugs and validate your "weakness" because it's not your fault, it is the addiction or disease.

    Additionally, if you for instance stop drinking / other annually for a month, two, three or even six months a year, then they just tell you, "Yeah, but you just can't maintain it by 'white knuckling' it. You have to go to AA forever."

    In rehab, ON THE FIRST DAY & EVERYDAY they tell you over 85% of you are going to keep relapsing.

  6. I've seen Steven Slate's commercials for a number of years and was intrigued. As someone who broke free of the addiction model myself I wondered what his take was. But having come to a balance in my own alcohol and drug use I wasn't in need of his services so I never followed up. I'm glad Tom ran this episode. Steven Slate and I came to similar conclusions about the disease model of addiction. I was particularly interested in the various studies Steven cited that seem to debunk many cherished 12 step program myths. I look forward to reading his book.

  7. I enjoy the different historical figures you discuss on your show. You've mentioned Hamilton, but I think Albert Gallatin is someone that deserves a segment because he was the antithesis of Hamilton with regards to fiscal policy. I also find it fascinating that he's one of those forgotten founding fathers, yet he contributed so much to the American experiment.

  8. 16:34
    "On the order of more than 90%. More than 90% of alcoholics will get over it."

    Did Mr. Slate arrive at his calculation by including death as an acceptable remedy? Could it be that Mr. Slate is either conflating or confusing his claim with the 2014 CDC study that found 90% of heavy drinkers are not considered to be alcoholics?

  9. I'm surprised there was no mention of the code of self-ownership and the principle preserving someone's option to engage in unhealthy or dangerous behavior so long as they do not violate another individual's right to life, liberty, or property.

  10. 6:42
    I've always been skeptical of the claim that an addiction such as alcoholism is merely a hereditary disease. (26:58) Also, while there may not be conclusive evidence to show addictive personality disorders exist, there is no disputing that some individuals for whatever reason are more susceptible to habitual behavior than other individuals. Any non-drinker who puts up with the antics of raging alcoholics knows this. Still, I can help but to conclude after listening to Mr. Slate's assertions that he's oversimplifying certain elements of the problem.

  11. I'm actually more confused than I was 38 minutes ago. As I recall, episode 342 had a similar effect on me. Thanks for the other 1097 wonderfully sobering episodes! 😀

  12. My dad always said he was a drunk and that being a drunk was a sin.  His sister referred to herself as an alcoholic and had a disease.  My aunt was in treatment for her entire adult life.   It was hard for my dad to give up the habit he had created but he did it (with a little tough love from my mom).  My aunt spent a ton of money, both her own and from the STATE.  My dad didn't spend a dime.  My dad spent a lot of time on his spiritual life, priests work for free, my aunt spent a lot of time with expensive therapists.

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