Mars Hydro SP-200 LED Grow Light Bar Unboxing and Specs

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  1. Do you still have a 40% going on Flora Flex.
    Got a buddy (new Viewer wanting some after seeing what they’ve done for my Super Silver Haze that we both started @ the same time @ he couldn’t believe his eyes – thanks brother

  2. Is there any connections between Mars hydro n unit farm…this looks just like unit farm with a name swap…but I have the sp150 arriving soon… hopefully early next week

  3. I've noticed a huge improvement in your cinematography recently! I've always enjoyed your videos regardless, but your effort doesn't go unnoticed. Keep it up bud, another great video as usual!

  4. Yes Mars Hydro really stepped up their game – they also have the brand new TS1000 – 150 true watts – 342 led diode fixture. Kind of like a little larger QB. Passive and suited for 2.5×2 to 3×2.5. Looking very good. Oh and yes i would love to see what this SP-2000 can do in a 4×2. Big upz!

  5. I don’t know much yet but it looks like a high quality light!! I don’t have space for an indoor grow yet but when I do I’ll definitely look into mars hydro!! Thanks for the Great video hope to see more great content keep it up!

  6. That’s to cool!
    Absolutely do a grow with that light, hopefully with that GG #3.
    I could see a whole series of those in my veg room I’m building.
    Always leave it up to BLG for the cool new stuff. Thank for sharing some midweek vid, as always such a blessing my brother. See ya Sunday – God bless – Rick

  7. Keep em coming bro! Love the videos. I credit my first ever successful quality grow to your grow guide videos. Marijuana has become legal in Canada recently which meant I could start growing 4 plants at a time without a license. 12 weeks ago I found your videos and got to work. I just harvested 5 Oz of beautiful sparkling northern light bud.

  8. I’m always up to see new equipment tested. It’s way to big to fit my area so I would just be watching. Making me drool with those FloraFlex packages 👍🏻🤤👊🏻 Thanks for the bonus video this week !

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