1. Psilocybin works! Be careful if u have uncontrolled seizures, psilocybin always caused me to have a seizure until I got my epilepsy under control (hgh stopped them I take zero epilepsy meds).

  2. I've always felt that way- that psychodelics open up a part of the brain which we don't normally have access to and it gives a new perspective on life. 💗💞💟🍄🍄🍄

  3. Omg I thought I was the only one. I was feeling with depressions for over a year when I took my dose. I didn’t take enough to see aliens and shit warping but I got ‘shroomy’ which is what I called it basically I was all happy and everything was bright and I had just having s good time. And I noticed a few days after I wasent sad. But also I wasent happy, I was numb it’s like my brain didn’t know what these feeling were and it makes its self numb. This numbing helped quiet a bit but it was also bad. Because if I experienced any emotions to furiously like being too happy I would go numb. And when I go numb I don’t feel anything literally. I would go numb from anywhere from a few days to a week or two. And just recently after about 4-5 months after my ‘reboot’, I experienced this extreme sadness and it started just when I was walking home nothing had caused it. And I cried. And I haven’t cried in years and this cry was the best feeling ever. And I wasent going numb and I was happy I was sad but happy because I knew my emotions were back on and revelry I’ve been a very emotional person. I would get angry really fast, sad, and happy. And now I feel great. If you read this all thank you so much ❤️

  4. Does anybody know if it's safe to take mushrooms if you have borderline personality disorder, psychosis, severe anxiety, severe depression, and complex ptsd? And yes I have been professionally diagnosed with all of these lol. I'm very curious about the possible effects

  5. Wow THAT'S crazy about the hearing I didn't even know that but I guess it's WHY when I'm tripping on shrooms I always have the music WAY quieter than I do on say mdma or LSD lol. Where those 2 say turn the music up lol shrooms were always it's too loud turn it down lol I was thinking of them omg this happened during a trip n I forgot about it lmao things take time to integrate and this is like a 2yr old trip now lol. Anyway iw as thinking so mdma n lsd compared to shrooms are all like young kids n teens lol n shrooms are this old grumpy man who's like turn that damn music down dam. Kids these days lolol I was on shrooms when this thought came to me lmao. Totally forgot it till now for w/e reason. But I digress

    So all jokes aside I have a ton of respect for shrooms. But that was a vision from them selves so lmao. Any way maybe it's cuz it's improving ur hearing so u don't need it that loud n it felt super annoying too loud to the pint where I was like damn I need silence almost then that was a bit hard to handle for too long so I put music on quiet and it was eh at 1st n then 20min later I could only get into psytrance which was a bummer cuz i like it more melodic but couldn't handle those songs or lyrics or w/e got boring bored of old songs it was NOT like mdma which was at that time I think may be when I was coming off of THAT in a VERY big way cuz I abused the shit out of Molly for bout 1yr before it was Molly to when it was pills back before tho they were cut with all manner of random b.s. likes now. I'm used to them 1990s beans lol miss those but I wouldn't recommend rollin for a yr nah I got lucky I had same batch of massive batch of the monkey ones only cut was caffien till they got a copy cat n then pills were NOT to be trusted still aren't lol. Neither is Molly tho but at 1st ppl thought it WAS pure mdma uncut but just made easier to cut. Ffs if you're going to cut mdma then do it with harmless shit that DOESN'T hurt or kill anyone or how about we just FUCKIN legalize it already along with ALL drugs! They've ALL got some kind of benefit and REALLY wtf does society care if ppl get addicted let them should they want to just provide a way out should they wish to quit. We shouldn't be treating it as a criminal issue but a health issue cuz that's wtf it is and no one has any business telling anyone else wtf they can and can NOT ingest of their own free will! THAT VERY thought of even trying to is fucking ludacrisly absurd! When thought about not thru the lense of well were protecting society from itself cuz if it were legal society would fall apart. Yah like it has in Colorado or perhaps in Guatemala Peru etc places that legalized drugs and have ONLY been the Better for it we ONLY see "epidemics" like in the USA cuz of its illegal status some ppl ONLY do it cuz it's illegal ffs we don't need common sense gun laws just common sense drug laws and we will see a lot less crime and gun deaths (suicides do NOT count yet they still put them in the stats as well as accidental discharge ppl shooting themselves in the foot literally. Cops in police shootings are counted and EVERY SINGLE gun DEATH is lumped INTO THIS stat which is massively inflated as gun "violence"which is what they want ppl to think and exactly like THAT n NOT think about ALL the FACTORS and consider ALL gun deaths& injuries an act of gun violencewhen 90%of them are b.s. but look into that for yourself lol I went on a tangent there sorry just these are passion issues. But another thought is maybe they're about to legalize it and then don't want ppl to have guns and drugs cuz if u get weed legally u can't also have a concealed carry permit like WTF WHY does smoking weed affect my ability and right to defend myself?! As long as I'm safe with it and don't shoot under the influence then it'll never be an issue unless someone breaks into my house! but what if I'm not home and in the car and NEED a gun? Ffs I CAN'T EVEN KEEP getting into this issue cuz our rights are being trampled on lately. But I digress holy shit!

    ALL I REALLY wanted to say was damn there's something to that hearing thing cuz it makes me hear better n turn the volume down on a lot of things this is even true of microdosing u don't feel anything really but u notice ur just ur best self basically. Better focus attention span insight ideas creativity energy and no bad side effects like the jitters or insomnia and it's perfectly healthy in FACT it maybe better for u then ALL 3 meals ya had all day lol depending how one eats it's better than anything else I've eaten ALL yr! cuz how trash our food air and waters been polluted with so much n I'm NOT talking us common folk driving n shit but that's a smaller factor than globalist shit like chem trails n such. But I'm out cuz I'll end up on another rant today's 1 of THOSE days i guess lmao.

  6. I have tries everything to get rid of my depression pills exercise psychologists therapists nothing has helped except weed temporily but if mushrooms could really do that thats amazing because my depression is really really bad and has been for more than a decade

  7. A big problem is that people don't want to deal with their problems, especially if it scares them or causes embarrassment and guilt. In addition people fear losing control of their brain. The idea of higher worlds also is intimidating. Big pharma is a problem but a bigger one is that it's more pleasing to pop a pill than clean up your act.

  8. As someone who has had a long lasting battle with depression since I was 15 (now 27) I can tell you for a fact that PSILOCYBIN WORKS.I have only tried them once but the effects were profound for 4-6 months afterwards.The problem is trying to find them,I have resorted to ordering a grow kit online and they are growing as I write this.If you have tried just about everything for depression with little effect,do your research and give this a go.It's NOT for everyone,but those who are intelligent enough to put the work in and try something outside the box to ease their suffering will be rewarded.

  9. I've been watching videos and reading things about dmt and mushrooms, it seems most people that try these and eventually have a continuous use of them tend to (while under the influence) have a euphoria or some kind of inward Purge of their consciousness. Which led me to wonder how come no one is using this to cure depression?
    I'm not clinically depressed but I'd say I have some kind of acute depression, I'm not pessimistic at all nor would I say I'm optimistic and I have never tried a psychedelic before..in all honesty I'm afraid of what dark things my mind may show me so I will (at least ATM) never try them.
    I have actually wondered what happens to someone who was suicidal on some psychedelic would you wanna go through with it ? This is obviously the extreme end but it's interesting to wonder
    I also have to agree that all plant based chemicals should be legal..if you can grow you should be allow to consume it how ever you want

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