1. I don't want this to come off as an attack, but as someone that has trained, coached, and competed for physique sports for 227 years, I am frustrated with a lot of the bad information that is going around.

    I know you are only speaking from personal experience, but this comes off as you saying creatine causes these issues. Keeping in mind that creatine is the most widely studied supplement used today, there is no evidence that shows these side effects.

    Perhaps you saw these effects while using creatine, but there is no study that shows creatine causing hair loss.

    The only study (link below) that even hints at this is a poorly structured one that only included 20 rugby players. This study claimed participants in the creatine group had a 36% raise in DHT. This sounds concerning, but there are some major flaws.

    1. Small sample size the participants (only 20).
    2. Large loading pahse for 7 days. (25 grams for 7 days).
    3. No controls for supplements
    4. No controls for diet
    5. No controls for drug/medications
    6. DHT dropped significantly after the loading phase. Most advanced trainees no longer use loading phases.
    7. The study never measured or even mentions hair loss.

    Now, all this being said, there were issues, especially bloating, which you mentioned, (although you made it sound like you were holding fat) that did occur (according to reports) with cheap Chinese creatine which contained many impurities (according to lab analysis).

    My point in this is that we need to look further into the evidence before we throw blanket demonization on a supplement with a long track record of safety and efficacy. Otherwise we could be pushing people to even less safe options.


  2. I was addicted to creatine for 20 years and experienced hair loss on my genitals.
    Also my thoughts were cloudy and foggy and full of sexual fantasies.
    My mood swings pushed me to beating up my supervisor and getting promoted to general manager.
    Started craving Argan oil in the daily and got oblique gainz on PROTOCOL.

  3. Creatine sucks. You talk about it like it's steroids 😂😂😂 I doubt any of the side effects you experienced have anything to do with creatine. It is not a hormone. It's basically ATP. That's it. I haven't used creatine in over a year and I never looked much different. Never gave me any strength gains either. That being said, I stopped because it causes your creatinine levels to be higher (bad for kidney health) when you're already on a high protein diet and cuz it did nothing for me like I mentioned. I don't think it affects hair dude. Again, creatine is not steroids. It's a worthless supplement imo but it affects everyone differently I guess…also the water retention thing is overblown. It doesn't make a difference. If you wanna drop water you have to be lean. If not you're probably not as lean as you think you are… I've gotten dry and shredded while on creatine.

  4. Water wheight on creatine? I Think thats probabbly from the Deca or Dianabol cicle that you did Lol Creatine helps to retain water intramuscular man. Hair loss on creatine? Jesus man..do you get hair loss on read meat? Because its full of creatine

  5. So so so, creatine itself doesn't cause hair loss, high levels of DHT do, so everytime your testosterone levels go up you will get hair loss ( and mood swings) .
    Creatine can increase the DHT, if it's not taken on the suggested doses, a study on creatine says that more than 10g of monohydrate per day can increase your dht.
    If you stay on 5g max.
    a day that won' t happen, so either you fucked it up taking too much of it , or you were on roids. Also, you should cycle creatine , like 4 weeks on 2 weeks off,,
    Good luck 👍🏻

  6. I can say this it’s not for long time of use just short term ! But everything that you are saying is right short term on that stuff I can say this short on everything that you take ! Never for long term ! Nothing is good for you when it comes to things like that anyway! Thanks for the video! And you look great bro ! No hommo !

  7. You know they studied and studied that they come to the conclusion that it doesn't make you lose hair it was probably you being malnutrition on a mineral not eating something that you're eating now or one of the other supplements you quit I have been using creatine for years I'm 33 it's never made a difference in my hair ever I go out everywhere no problem and I know a lot of motherfukers and Sadie said never had a problem in Paulding runs in my family

  8. Hair loss !! Bro stop use hair wax or other chemicals. Scientifically this kind of oil didn’t work bro. I am using more than 4 years creatinine and there is no problem with hair.

  9. Hair dresser wow im old we always went to the barber💈none of these Fancy cuts like today, ya look good I’m not knocking you, ya look healthy go natural eat good food trust me you will live a lot longer, to many guy want it now and do the chemicals and a lot of them are no longer here

  10. Staying on creatine for two years straight is crazy, you are suppose to cycle it. The headaches come from not drinking enough water, creatine can be dangerous if you take it while you are cutting weight. I remember back in the day when it first became popular that a couple of amateur wrestlers died because they were cutting weight for their matches, they cut water, went into the sauna with the rubber suite on and were exercising, sweating,  and cramped up and had heart failure. I had great results taking it for about three months but once your body fills up the gains slow down. So you go off it for awhile, use a nitrous oxide supplement instead or a test booster for awhile.  then especially if you are training for a contest and in the cutting phase get off the creatine. Was creatine the only supplement you were taking?

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