Jeffrey Hergenrather, MD – Cannabis Presentation – ShareFax Event

Doctor Jeff Hergenrather has been a general practitioner since 1976. He’s experience is in general medicine, OB-GYN, pediatrics, neonatal care, and …


  1. Pharmacutical cannabis medicine is synthetic and removing the THC is unproductive especially for terminal illnesses which only THC combined with CBD can treat , high dosage of THC not 2 per cent . Taken with CBD the stoned effect is balanced and taken at night before bedtime under the tongue, does the work, without the high effect . Taken orally is best , once it adapts to our system we can increase the dose of THC . some people can handle more than others but all benefit from the medicine when THC and CBD plus other terpenes are included . Most important is to know where to get the organic oil without the pesticides and with a certificate which lists all the ingredients of each batch and the oil used (Olive oil) it is mixed with .

  2. Respect for pointing out the limits such as adverse effects on short term memory and balance because they are unexpected to beginners who don't yet fully understand this plant and the very powerful products that are being manufactured from this wonderful substance.

  3. Brilliant, thank you so much for your time and dedication to perhaps the most important medicinal plant on the planet. Shame on the evil cartels for keeping this medicine from us.

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