Is That Good Gas Still Holding You Back?

Sometimes you just need to evaluate whether the things you are doing is helping you achieve your goals, or hindering you from achieving those goals. Stay on …


  1. Great video bro. I definitely subscribed. I have lots of respect for your honesty and helpful strategies. Some of us have to change for better results, others don't. It's been 15 months since I've smoked "gas", but I still don't know if I'm done for life yet. Good luck bro much love!!

  2. No cap I sat around think about this several days I was high. It's a stress reliever for me and in times when I don't feel good whether thats physical, emotional or mental it's helped out. My life is mad stressful to the point where I've been hospitalized for it and had medical work done over the stress. It doesn't affect my work performance as far as working but every other single point you said in this video was spot on it is time consuming and maybe it is time to put it down or at least use in moderation so I can start looking at my life and making more moves. Cause if you're an everyday smoker and you have a fulltime job time really does go by fast and I need all the time in the world right now to get things together.

  3. i feel like i'm so close to quitting but i keep chasing after it, telling myself, the next time will be the last time. it's definitely holding me back a lot, but i feel restless without it. i ran out of weed like 2 days ago and been too broke to get more and yea, i have been feeling restless as hell. Like i want to be done with it, but at the same time i really struggle with that restless feeling, it's like supreme boredom just washing over me. Hey man, you're still my inspiration to let that shit go that's why i subscribed.

  4. Wooow. The situation you presented around 6:00 was me last weekend. My mom wanted me and her to go see my dad a couple hours away for his birthday that happened the week prior. I didn’t wanna go because I planned on smoking big dope that day. And I did.

  5. honestly it heavily depends on how much you're smoking. ive been told weed used to be a lot stronger so. at this point smoking any more than half a blunt by yourself is way too much. i find when i stick to a one blunt a day max im more productive than when im not smoking. basically 1 blunt = 4 smoke sessions

  6. You saying nothing but the damn truth my brother!!!!!! I experienced everything you mentioned and that gas been hurting me for 15 years now I got 4 months clean new job and everything thank you

  7. thank you for your videos and honesty. hard to find someone that quit while still respecting the smokers. im down to smoking at night after work making very productive things through the day. Smoking doesnt bother my life…until now. i need to quit COMPLETELY for a job. and man it tough. the "first" day is always the hardest but your videos help brother. thank you.

  8. after smoking for many years I have finally understood why maryjuana is NOT good to SMOKE it.. weed is one of those plants that are beneficial and detrimental depending on how you use it.. in the form of oils and ointments the plant has MANY remedies and health benefits.. if we smoke it however weed is a significant impacts our mind and spirit like that anxiety, moodiness, laziness, paranoia and hallucinations, grouchiness if you stop smoking it, and long term it will lead to Alzheimer.. like everyone i pretty much never believed the bad things about but for me i noticed I never quite felt comfortable when I smoked.. but the biggest reason for me is that weed is a gateway not only to other drugs but a gateway for evil spirits to inhabit your vessel, your body.. have you ever smoked weed and catch yourself looking in the mirror and you have a straight evil look on your face?? that shit be changing the way you think over time and separates your spirit from GOD the most high, you start thinking in atheistic sorta way and if you're a person with violent tendencies that shit brings out the devil in you.. nah brothers no more time for that and besides it makes you super lazy to the point of not wanting to got to work

  9. Quit plenty of times in my life but I did come to the conclusion that quitting wasn't the answer but rather moderation and having the right priorities. I only smoke when all my hustle is done and I'm clear of responsibilities for a day, then I'll have a smoke to relax, unwind etc. This is the only way I can stay out there killin it in my career etc. while smoking. Smoking during the week I'm too lazy, smoke to much, too lazy. But when it's time to relax and it's not going to effect anything I'm gonna blaze, having that willpower works for me. Plus it's legal where I live, I wouldn't bother with the illegal bs got stuff to do.

  10. I'm sober because I kept choosing my habit over great job opportunities that honestly required little to no effort to obtain due to networking. I was running fron the dryg test. When you suffer enough and become broke enough perspective comes to play. I'm 23 and see so much better for myself. With that being said, I talked to God, and turned my back on all things that I see as keeping me back. It's all possible with faith, and the power of the mind ppl. Peace and love be with you all 🌈💚💚💚

  11. Day 16 now, honestly surprised I've made it even this long😂 usually when I try to stop I only make it around 2 or 3 days max. Can definitely say the hardest part was the first 2 to 4 days, but not gonna lie, I still am craving that shit here and there, like right now. I need me a blunt!! but ima stay sober. One thing that has helped me is me telling myself that I need to man the fuck up and learn to say no.

  12. weed was holding me back big time. I came to that realizations after my last job. my old boss scammed me (dont fuck with busy b's painting) and I went home I wasn't working for like a week and yet I was still buying weed and shit like that. I finally just decided to quit and get my ged and now im on the path to make more money than I ever have before just because I better utilized my time instead of focusing on something that was just a crutch. I turned my entire life around in like a month. honestly weed isn't for anyone who doesn't have their shit together.

  13. Jack everything you explaining.. explaining my life rn bro. I go to work come home and smoke gas and dont wanna go nowhere cuz i just wanna smoke gas and be a lazy mf

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