How To Smoke Shatter, Dabs & Wax : Cannabasics #100

Learn various ways to smoke Shatter, Dabs & Wax today on Cannabasics episode 100. Let’s take a look at several ways to smoke shatter, wax and rosin along …


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  2. Wax is is awesome, but doing it everyday takes the trill out of it. I’m old as fuck ,so I still enjoy the ritual of rolling and smoking. Wax and shatter are good as treat once in a while, but flower still rules “ smoke weed everyday “

  3. Great stuff Matt!
    There's plenty of cannabis oriented channels who's content(for the vast majority)revolves around three basic avenues.
    One avenue revolves around methods/tech/tools of consumption, another revolves around product(brands) and product reviews, and my favorite avenue is methods of extractions and the varying results from the varying methods of, AND the variants within said methods,(lol, I know) but imo very few actually articulate and execute using proper nomenclature as well as you do, not to mention(I'm about to mention) the production quality being undeniably on point.
    @UCK_Jl1TAsI2dvH_ewDJnDuA You sir, have a new subscriber.

  4. If this is a "how to" at least get your wording correct. It's not 'smoking' it's 'imbibing' extracts, big difference especially to health, smoking involves combustion = nasty carbons, dabbing involves imbibing from heated glass which is a much healthier option.

  5. Do you guys have any tips for a long time dabber, trying to get it out of your system ? I know it takes awhile but there’s no good info on the web about it, do you think you could give some tips if any?

  6. Edit: This was meant to be a conversation starter, not sound as dickish as it did. Drop pl your thoughts.

    Can we stop collectively calling concentrates "dabs?" It makes us all sound like stupid stoners. Let's just say concentrates since "dabbing" isn't even accurate for what are becoming the standard for using concentrates.

  7. Anyone with at least a few dozen brain cells has the imagination to come up with ideal ways to smoke. You make videos on such blatantly obvious topics, as if they were intended for people with the brain of a 6 year old. The overall quality of your videos is good but would be so much better if only you could cover more interesting topics, and give an impression of being intelligent.

  8. Firstly – an introduction to the English language. From an Englishman.
    'Dabs' is not a verb. It is an adjective. Therefore one does not smoke dabs. In the same sense that one does not smoke smoke.
    Oil can be dabbed, dabs can be taken. You can dab some oil with a dabber on a nail.
    But you cannot smoke dabs.

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