How To Grow Indoor Cannabis pt 6 (nutrients)

In this episode I go over a few things with nutrients, mostly for beginners. Here are the Nutrients I use: General Hydropnics (base nute)– …


  1. For fluorinated tap water guys, PH UP seems to be a waste of money because who the hell needs PH UP you need PH DOWN. While we are on this topic can someone tell me how 5 gallons of 7.5 PH water can be brought down to say 6.2 using PH DOWN then you add just the teeniest amount more a wham your too low at 4.2 or something – drives me crazy!

  2. Honestly, I’ve grown some plants that were in serious bad shape and they bounced back so I don’t doubt that they’ll bounce back. Good luck with the grow man. Good video though.

  3. Thanks much man. Looking forward to your soil nutes vid!! Hey is it really true that you can not clone auto fem auto flower? Newer than a newbee here so be brutal if you have to be. Thanks much. Sharing your channel with friends.

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