1. Great advice Dr. Berg!

    When I first started keto and was trying to reduce my meal frequency, I used bulletproof coffee in the morning for 2 months to prevent hunger and keep me going.
    That got me from 3 meals down to 2 meals, lunch and dinner.
    After I ate some time only 2 meals, around 4 months I began experimenting with one meal a day and because I was fully keto adapted, I had no problems with staying satiated for a longer period of time.
    These days OMAD feels so natural to me, I don't even think about 2 meals anymore.
    After that I was going to the next level with Alternate Day Fasting (the real water only version, not the low calorie intake modified one) and it helped me drop weight faster than OMAD, it's hardcore, but I got the best results.
    I stay on OMAD these days and sometimes, like today for example, I do prolonged water fasts (36-48 hours) every week and a 72 hour fast every 2 months.

    I think that reducing meal frequency gives you many health benefits and improves your relantionship with food, keeping you from binge eating.

  2. This is exactly what I have done to get to my lowest weight in 50 years and to get off all my prescription medications! Even if a person has to start with a 10 hour eating window, just do it!

  3. Sure you might lose fat, but if you eat nutrient-poor foods then you are going to suffer from deficiencies of key nutrients, so you'll be slim but malnourished. Strange video Dr Berg.

  4. This why our prophet Mohammed pbuh advised us to fast in a regular basis every Monday and Thursday of the week and in those days when the moon is full every month and he said also : 'The son of Adam does not fill any vessel worse than his stomach. It is enough for the son of Adam to eat a few mouthfuls to straighten his back, but if he must (fill his stomach), then one third for his food, one third for his drink, and one third for his breath.' " I don't want to take it to a religious level "Don't get it the wrong way " I'm just saying that fasting was a1400 year advice 😊

  5. I only eat 900 calories a day! I exercise every day. I do intermittent fasting, but not keto. I eat a balanced, mostly organic diet. I take supplements. Why can't i loose weight?! FYI: I am not anorexic or something. I just have had a really slow thyroid since i think my adrenals burned out a few years ago. I need to loose pregnancy weight.

  6. This is the tip I needed to start losing weight again! Eating less didn't work, even averaging maybe 1,000 calories per day, but only eating between 12pm and 6pm did.

  7. Hi Dr berg ,

    I have a big belly , so I have decided to follow this diet ! Which is … I eat between 1 pm to 5 pm … 3 boiled eggs or omelettes and rice , vegetable curry and some yogurt after that some soaked and peeled almonds , a coffee ! After 5 pm I don’t eat anything … just normal water ! For 20 hrs I don’t literally eat anything !
    I don’t feel hungry at all , I love this 20 hr fasting , I have been doing it for the last couple of weeks !
    Am I dong it right way ?
    What are all the must foods that I should have ? With how much ratios of macros?
    Can I have multivitamins and omega 3 oils etc during that 4 hrs window and also how many weeks I should do this ?

  8. i was doing 1 meal per day but wasnt eating healthy, most of the food was the bread which i couldnt eat a lot, so overall i would eat like 500 cal. worth of food per meal, which seems like isnt enough, so i moved to 2 meals, now i'm thinking what should i do, go to 1 meal again and not eat enough cal. or stay?

  9. but I'm already a type 2 diabetic and the Dr. & the nutricionist say for me NOT to skip meals? and it says you can eat anything you want, then you say that you need to cut out the sugar & carbs. Sue Tunstall

  10. Here's an amazing tip for bulletproof coffee: ADD SOME UNSWEETENED CHOCOLATE!! Melts right in like butter but has added healthy fat benefits!!

  11. Two questions:

    1. Is diet soda okay to drink while fasting?

    2. You mentioned a 4 hour eating window but then referred to having the second meal at 5pm. Does all eating need to be finished within the 4 hours or is it okay to start the second meal at the end of the eating window?

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