1. It's so funny how scared he is of his own house. "If something happens to me, you'll know exactly what happened" haha. I love this guy. I think it's really gross that the previous owners smoked so much that the wood changed colors. I don't think I could buy a house that was so heavily smoked in. But maybe he got a really good deal or it doesn't smell so I mean it's fine.

  2. Hello, Mikey,
    re; Your house tour–and general thoughts…
    You are so dear!!!
    I appreciate you!
    I have gotten to see places and people
    that i never would have seen- without
    your channel and you.
    I love your personality.
    But damn–Mikey–how can you EAT so much!!!
    You have shared on previous videos your
    stringent work out regiment!!!
    You are so dear to me—and I'm probably
    your Grandma's age.
    Just wanna let you know how much I enjoy
    your channel.
    Bless you in your new home, Sweetie!!!
    If you come to Vancouver, Canada—
    let me know!!!
    I will buy you some dumplings!!!!

  3. People who freak out about this haven’t lived like this. My family owns a large farm with 2 massive barns, 19 acres, and a mental asylum 20 miles away. Yes it’s scary to be there for the first couple months (especially alone) but after a while you get used to it. And a couple of guns doesn’t hurt.

  4. I don’t find this house creepy at all. It’s a great house! I love that it has crawl spaces to get at the plumbing and wiring. If you ever had to repair drywall you would appreciate that and in fact I will look for that in my next house. Also another note, cedar darkens in the sun. If it’s blocked by a picture it won’t darken. Either that or they applied stain around the pics but that is not from smoking even after 20 years. Air Defender air cleaners are hospital grade and will purify the air. Probably replace carpets and drapery as well. Also you can get a cord of wood delivered to your house and then just stack it in your barn and bring what you need when you want a fire. Getting wood freshly chopped down won’t start very well, be smoky as heck. You want wood that has been sitting for a year so it’s dry.

  5. My apartment felt creepy at first. But then i brought my stuff in and bought some plants. For some reason having alot of stuff to fill a place up and real plants makes a space comfy. GET SOME INDOOR PLANTS man and stop referring to it as “creepy”. Its all in your mind

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