Hamilton's Pharmacopeia S2E06 A Clandestine Chemist's Tale

Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia S2E06 A Clandestine Chemist’s Tale Year started: 2016 IMDB rating: 8.4 Categories: Documentary Stars: Hamilton Morris.


  1. . Quiet a few of Hamilton's documentarys have hit me with strong emotion at times.. The moment you realise the only interests in life you have are all illegal……. So that's why I'm depressed. His misses saying he always moans just reminded me of myself and my misses. I feel his pain I really do. Being told you can't do what you love forever is absolutely sole breaking.

  2. hey does anyone know where can i watch the whole season online? i want to download it and save it so i can show it to my kids and grandkids one day. help a sister out

  3. Hamilton… I have watched several episodes of "Hamilton's Pharmocpeia." Though I find the chemistry and cultural content fascinating, I have to say that I can put some meat on those emaciated bones. Episode after episode, you appear in those same, white skinny jeans. Do you have an exceptionally efficient metabolism, or do you just need a home-cooked meal?

  4. Its so sad. Steve is just sad and broken. a good brilliant shell of a man. those pigs took away his toys and his identity forbide him to express himself. these dumb laws one day our kids wont be able to buy naphtha. we can only imagine what solvent they will use to extract dmt. where is the humanity in this?

  5. All due respect but age or maybe chemicals have not been kind to Susie! She was attractive when she was younger but now around 50, she looks 20 yrs older than my 70 yr old mother

  6. Bar none, the most dangerous thing about any recreational drug (alcohol is a recreational drug) is the economy that is created by its prohibition. I'd like to see this issue brought to light in the future. It has to change. End the war on drugs.

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