Dan Bilzerian: Losing $6 million on coin flip

Dan Bilzerian shares stories of wild bets, including losing $6 million on a coin flip and betting against a rower crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Plus, Bilzerian …


  1. Here I em sipping on A .29 cents Roman noddle cup of soup and 37 dollars on by Bank account and you lost 6million. Unreal to that God exists

  2. danın sırtından para kazanan kimse onun bunun çoçuğu en azından deli kanlı olun dan sen atnan oktarmısın kendini kanıtla onda adamlık yokdu köçekdi karılarla oynutoedu sen günah keçisi

  3. Raw honesty. It seems everyone in the comments voted for Hilary becuase they prefer sugar coated lies. Don’t understand the hate on a guy who simply states the truth about who he is, no shame, no guilt, just raw honesty

  4. I think this prick grew up a spoiled brat and is still a brat. For him to flip a coin for 6 million fucking dollars pisses me off because you got this alot of people struggling to make their next rent and you got douchebags like these who begs 6 mil OVER A FUCKING COIN TOSS
    Fuck this dude. He grew up with a silver spoon up in his mouth and doesnt know the struggle

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