Cutting Grass – Trimming Tall Shrub & Full Lawn Service #SideHustle

Week 3 of the 2019 Lawn Care Season. This weekend we are demonstrating 2 different style hedge trimmers thru realtime video mowing lawns and trimming …


  1. Dan do you use the Kombi adjustable hedge attachment? I’m looking at either the adjustable hedge attachment but it seems so long. The hedger in your video seems like a normal length. Thoughts?

  2. Looks like the fellow lawn guy had the new Cub Cadet mowing just down from you there, sounded like you were running out of gas when you went to the main part of the front. The sidewalk next door slowly disappearing

  3. Hey Mr. Dan I’ve been watching your vids for a few hours… lots of tips… great cuts and more… love that you post often… and also I’m 16 and I’ve been cutting grass for 5 years and last week I just went around my neighborhood and asked people if they needed there grass cut and in two days I made $230… very satisfying to cut yards… love to do it… and I can see you do to… Love The Vids Keep Up The Great Work❤️❤️

  4. Dan this residence always creates some sort of illusion for me, it looks like 2 different houses or 2 screen, at 21.47 you could have changed shirt and kept on walking pass the drive way line edit it and it would look like 2 different houses.

  5. Good video Dan. Glad to see you cut down to 40 hours and going to be making consistent videos. Your channel is only going to get bigger and bigger, investing in yourself, side hustles and your brand is going to be way more profitable in the long run!

  6. Just subscribed. Im new to the business. I dropped 4 grand last month on a trailer and some equipment. I bought a riding mower. Craftmans. A backpack blower. 2 weed eaters from the flea market which are awesome. They are toro brand. Hedge trimmers. And some other stuff. Great yards your cutting. My thing is, i seem to get low end yards that need alot of work. All i can do is try to make it look nice but it never meets my standard. Poor grass for one. And Alot of old leaves piled against the house. Any tips for me? Or am i doing ok? And i dont seem to have a Consistent clientele yet.

  7. Hey Dan. Just had driveway power washed. Came out great but I need to remove the remaining sand between joints that wasn’t removed so I can install polymeric sand. If I use the Briggs and Stratton floor attachment, will it remove the remaining sand if I go over the joints or should I just use turbo nozzle?

  8. Hell yeah, Honda mowing the yards, and Stihl pruning the bushes. Fancy sports car rolling in the driveway, Dan directs him back onto the launch pad. HEHE – Lunch sounds like a good idea to me, how does fried chicken sound?

  9. Anyone have any suggestions for a HRX that has a chewed up striping strip. I can’t stripe unless I mow at 2 inches or under for cool season grass. I’ve looked for a replacement from Honda, but I can’t find a part number for reference

  10. I remember when you first cut that bush, it was so overgrown and blocked out so much light and as I remember your boys were helping you. It looks lovely and lush and very much under control now you look after it!! Great job as always Dan xx

  11. Time to put that surface cleaner to work on that driveway and sidewalk. Try post treating one sidewalk square with a 3% mix of SH and some soap. Then do a follow up next year to see if it made any difference. I'm curious to see the results you get in your area.

  12. Great video dan.
    I always learn something from every video that you make.
    That house next door to the one in the video has some really bad sidewalk edges. I’m surprised that an HOA tolerates that.
    I’m looking forward to the next video

  13. Dan I don’t want this to sound weird or anything, but I love watching your channel cause you remind me a lot of my dad, a hard working blue collar guy that’s just out there working all the time doing cool stuff! Thanks man!

  14. Hey Dan, I live in Hartwell, Ga, I am 16 and I started a lawn care business but I only have 3 clients, how do you think I should try to advertise to grow my business?

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