#CELEBRITYPIMPS: N.Hustle M_rder, KH Fraud, Q-TOCK/Sm_llet/BHO #NXIVM #FutureProvesPast

4/3: The leads to Chicago elite child/s_x trafficking continue to be investigated in conjunction with the Sm_llet hoax and this could mean that future is proving …


  1. The Nazis and the Jesuits killing off the competition again. Millions of women burned at the stake in the middle ages for practicing healing that actually heals compared to the Jesuit's Witch Dr. Medicine and big pharma poisons created by the Nazis and inflicted on the U.S. population and by control of the media the ENEMY OF THE TRUTH AND OF THE PEOPLE!

  2. I must say even though this is probably one of the better presidents we've had in a long time where are the damn arrest for the treason that was committed against his administration what in the hell is going on

  3. why do women still line up in fear for regular "examinations" to have their breasts squashed between 2 metal plates and then irradiated….. "early detection?" or is that absolutely archaic practice the cause?…….women need to stop trusting these animals with their own health let alone their children….whose mouths do the promoting?….they give more cancer than they ever cure, its one big fat criminal con….cancer is big business and they have no intention of ever "curing" it under current "standard medical practice" of cut, burn, poison in a archaic, cruel and idiotic approach that can only be described as malevolent

  4. Yeah… Amazing Polly is great…except she insults and blocks ANYONE who disagrees with her viewpoint. I was a big fan of hers until this happened to me. And I hear it's happened to many others who have commented on her YouTube or Twitter. YOU are eminently superior in how you handle yourself AND you have even more info than Polly. Keep up the great work. I'm a faithful listener. Thanks for helping humanity awaken from this nightmare.

  5. Mafia BigPharma is creating other addictive drugs different from those that currently exist. It also creates substances to add to toys and foods for children, to create a disposition to drug addiction. This evil and evil power must be cut and dismantled on earth, forever, they are genocidal.

  6. My uncle who worked for the IRS for 35 years said the government was buying up all the patents for alternative energy sources primarily for cars to keep fossil fuel use in place. Interesting idea about smart cities because Egypt is building a new smart city where all government operations will be based and all embassies as well.
    Egypt has tremendous natural gas deposits that are now being tapped by ENI & BP but Egypt has built big solar panel fields in the desert along with hydroponic farms. I personally can't believe Egypt would build a massive smart city knowing it could be wiped out in a targeted incineration.

  7. Bravo Bravo👏 your data gathering is fantastic. I’m so happy you pulled in that stuff Amazing Polly covered in her research. But I’m impressed w/ your critical thinking on the matter.

  8. Just got back from Turkey…blue skies, sun for the most part – same latitude as Va..came back to Va., back to the grey skies, rain, chem trails? We hardly have any sun anymore. Anybody else experiencing this in Virginia? What's going on?

  9. It seems as though every event in the state had led up to California becoming testing grounds for the Green New Deal. I guess they figure if they can convert a state as big as California the rest will be easy peasy.

  10. can you talk about USMCA treaty Trump signed. grindall61 discusses this in his April 2 video. Article 24.2 is all about "sustainablility" which of course is Agenda 30. Kushner believes in climate change, this hooks USA,Mexico, and Canada on a shared grid. Pelosi of all people is demanding Mexico change its labor laws for this to go through Congress, now is the chance to get rid of this agreement. Check it out

  11. Thank Q for sharing!! 😊 Also wasn't Soros funding Chicago? The (major I think) was the black woman who contacted the other woman through texts and got Smullet off. They were also connected to the Obamas. Anyway.. I always enjoy listening to you and learning from what you have found. Love that peaceful view behind you!! WWG1WGA MAGA KAG TRUMP2020 GOD BLESS AMERICA ♥️

  12. Speaking of chiropractors, the Rockefeller created AMA that controls our Healthcare Cartel did everything it could to make chiropractic medicine appear like quack medical practice. The chiropractic association sued the AMA and the AMA had to pay a few million dollars. Everyone should read Mike Adam's (the health ranger) experience with a chiropractor. Project Camelot also has a three part interview with Dr. Pete Peterson where he talks about cures provided via orthopedic/nerve manipulation.

  13. Superb job, Free!
    I like you better than Polly. You are a natural!!!
    And great at connecting the dots!
    Thus, from now on, I hereby dub you…..

  14. Yes, We Are Free, but you, my dear friend, are amazing! Thank you so very much for all you do. The time you invest in creating these awesome videos for us must be incredible! I simply can't thank you enough for your work, for sharing of everything you can that you learn on these very important and urgent subjects and for continuing to plunge through it all day after day. You do it in such a calming and soothing way as well.
    As you do so, you frequently bring us into your home through your videos to enjoy the incredible view that is found by looking out the window behind you. The trees and the water are so calming and being able to view even the breeze helps so much when we must listen to your important words so clearly, especially in the times when in reality the information you share is both unimaginable and heartbreaking – although very true – but it all helps.
    The view, your calm voice and your sharing of each link in relationship to your subject matter make it all that much easier for me to go to bed at night and be able to sleep, knowing what we each must do to help in the morning. I pray for you and your continued success and wait here for your next video. Thanks again for everything.

  15. You are a first class act!!! You bring info others don’t. Love it! Take CHI-TOWN DOWN!!!!! Ugh it ruins the rest of wholesome Midwest lovely Illinois. We they have talked about making Chicago their own state!!!!!! Everyone from CG down wants it to happen. We all are conservative MAGA people. Nothing comes to lower Illinois. Obama announced his presidency here. Cost Springfield millions of dollars. Obama was suppose to pay back with campaign funds. Never happened. First responders worked many hours overtime. I could go on. GRRRRRRRRRR 🤬

  16. I sure hope that once the swamp is drained that we have amazing patriots like you and Polly running for office or reporting the news in the mainstream!


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