Dave Palumbo discusses CBD and Kratom, two items he gets a ton of questions on – especially with the increasing popularity of both. Dave goes into the uses …


  1. I took some kratom before work a few times and had absolute awesome focus on my work and made the day fly. The next time i wasnt to test my tolerance and went top high. Ended uo having a hangover headache feeling for like 3 days afterwards. So as long as you can gauge your personal tolerance depending on type it works awesome

  2. You honestly don’t know what you’re talking about. CBD oil from hemp does nothing for nerve pain. In fact a lot of what your saying is wrong.. go do some research before making videos.

  3. Dave please stop saying its non addictive….the withdrawal is dose dependent and virtually identical to fast-acting opioids but generally less intense and shorter duration. Nausea, cramps, diarrhea, body aches etc., are the common ones but if your dose of kratom is less than 10g a day and /or short duration of use, then yes it may be just a sniffle as you say. Same would be the case if someone stopped taking 10-15mg of short acting oxycodone per day and in my experience, 10-15 grams of kratom a day has a withdrawal similar to going cold turkey from around 20-30mg/day oxycodone. Either way, it is a much better option than subuxone or methadone and for those without addictive tendencies it can be a great treat from time to time.

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