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Fantastic CBD Flower from . This strain is called Berry Exotic. Very good for anxiety and mental exhaustion. More hemp information can be …


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  2. hemp is actually the medicine we really need. as a culture. as a people . we would be well to create a societal understanding that replaces tobacco and alcohol with hemp. simple hemp flowers. cbd for smoke and internal injestion and topical care. new people. new culture. new life.

  3. Same here, I've been taking kratom for about a year. I heard about cbd from a friend and decided to try some Lazarus Naturals tincture 900mg in a 60ml bottle. I tried several different doses and felt no relief. I'm thinking of trying cbd buds and smoke or vape them too. Thanks for the tip on the vaporizer!

  4. I have bad panic attacks I drink beer a lot but wanting to slow that down I have a heart murmur slight one nothing wrong with me but when I used to smoke weed in high school it made my heart beat out of my chest and I would panic does CBD flower bud speed up your heart rate like regular weed??? I know regular weed speeds it up please someone give me answers if not I’m all game because my anxiety sucks and I can’t enjoy day to day activities because I’m always having a stupid panic attack

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