Active Grow T8 HO LED Grow Lights Vs. T8/T12 Fluorescent Tubes – Energy, Spectrum & PPFD

These tests were taken to compare Active Grow 22W T8 High Output 4FT LED Horticultural Lamps and 32W T8 4FT fluorescent lamps in a 2 tube T8 fixture.


  1. I am located in Edmonton, AB, Canada and currently growing orchids under fluorecent grow lights and wanted to switch to LED lights for economy. So I did some research. I came across some of the videos of Active Grow LLC and I got in touch with them by email to request informtion about their lighting system.

    Not only they provided the information I needed in a timely manner, they educated me about what type of lights will make my orchids flower. After few emails with Taylor Schaberg going back and forth asking questions and the information I needed to make a decision I purchased the lights.

    Unfortunatelly, when I give them my address for delivery I have a typo in my address, which I realized just after the package was sent I contacted Taylor how quicky contacted the postal office to have the correction done. I got my lights a few days after!!

    I am now in the process of getting an electrician to install them and I will update this comment with the results I get with from my orchids. However, I really wanted to write this review to congratulate Taylor Schaberg for the EXCELLENTE CUSTOMER SERVICE I received from him. Professional, timely, informative and always courteous… and did I forgot to say a great price! Yup! Great price! Thank you!

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