1. Why can't just fuckerazzis snap a few pictures & and the just get the fuck out? Like why do you have to keep following them until they disappear and take the same pictures, annoying them in the process and get the angry pictures instead. Oh wait, that's also news/what they write in celebrities magazines.

  2. What's with the four minutes of Miley Cyrus just playing with some dogs???
    Are you that desperate to just hit the 10-minute mark??? I mean seriously??? You couldn't have found two or three more clips??? Instead of just playing basic just dead air time

  3. Celebrity or not paparazzi shouldnt be allowed to get that close to them. If someone randomly walked up to a reg civilian like that it would be harassment soooo how isnt this. Nobody should have to put up with that. I now understand why some of them get so upset!

  4. To say the truth the "angry" videos of her she had every right to be. Leave these poor women alone. What is wrong with people and niki atleast she was way more mature about the vma's then you.

  5. Miley looks like a sick chicken when she tries to dress naked…Its not sexy, it's really Not. Her wannabe hardcore gangsta routine almost got her ass whipped by Nicki Minaj. She needs to just be herself and stop pretending to be more than what she is…

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