1. Please excuse my stupidity but i've been out of touch with weed for the last ten years due to illness have to stay away from smoke as it screws my breathing, I know this says vapouriser but that sure looks like smoke to me, would someone explain what i'm missing here as I would love to try it.

  2. I was considering this but idk know because of the fact you have to heat it up with a light then hit it. I just wanna know how thats vaporizing the weed and not combusting it. I realize that only the chamber is being heated up but i want a true vape like the flowermate because this one seems interesting thats my only worry

  3. To fix the airflow issues on the M, you can grind 3 notches on the tip like the titanium. Use a drill press and grind a notch on each of the airflow rails on the very end of the tip. Night and day.

  4. I've been smoking weed for quite some years now, i smoked before i started to use weed so i ended up smoking my weed.
    After some years a stopped smoking because it's bad for your health but continued smoking weed.
    I knew i eventually wanted to vape weed instead of smoking, but it's expensive and may be prone to fail.
    After i few years i decided to order a Dynavap M…. used it for a week straight didn't smoke.
    It's different… tried a spliff today and im sure now vaping weed is the future and the M will serve me well 🙂

  5. Got mine from sneaky petes came on time just b4 xmas I really thought it was gonna be a lil hunk of junk but boy was I wrong I got it xmas day probley smoked 2zips thur it an I can't put it down now ill smoke a regular bowl an run back an vape just to get the taste out my mouth I think there good but with the money there making they need lot more options an cheaper ti parts there pretty spendy but not Like that it like to see them in the 150 range for ti an maby have a more costmizabul options like what ever metal I want with my name engraved an all that if I'm gonna spend that much I'd rather spend like 400 an get one custom to me not to how they make them but like if i wanted one made out of silver just the sleve not the tip but the body being any medal i want engraved I'd pay lots for something like that an maby if ur gonna spend that much getting extra caps an lower g the price on caps to 15 cause REALLY there great an all but like always u want something done right u got to do it urself now I find myself spending my days trying to make this thing be all that it could be cause it's really NEXT LEVAL

  6. I just bought one of these..never vaped before but thought I would invest for the sake of my lungs. Is it normal that the cap is really loose and doesn't click into place? Seems like the herb is gunna fall out…

  7. The elev8r looked like the one for me but the chamber looked too big. I think this one is perfect. Small size, you know when its heated, you can use a regular lighter,slides right into a bong. Are you effing kidding me. Take my money

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