1. Pharmaceuticals have a lot to lose if alot of people knew or if this was tested and approved by the FDA of this natural cure towards cancer…..no one would make money….no hospitals…..doctors……pharmacies…..

  2. Bullshit I’ve been eating this fruit all my life and all my family. Soursop fruit will not kill you.You can benefit everything from this fruit except for Death 💀This fruit have many healthy varieties And all kinds of vitamins but never dead

  3. Not good during pregnancy? Here in Fiji pregnant women eat soursop and so can healthy woman, man and children anywhere. Also drinking tea made from dried leaves have plenty health benefits.

  4. Anti-soursop propaganda by the Pharma industry! Instead of taking soursop to create more human friendly medicines they want to kill the natural health treatments. Bearing in mind most natural medicine is not cheap they are not only greedy but totally irrational. Thankfully people who know soursop in it’s natural surroundings know the truth!

  5. First of all, HALF of the images you have shown in this video are JACK FRUIT. Not SOURSOP. That's like making a video on Apples, and you only show images of oranges.

    -2 points for stupidity/disinformation and ignorance.

    This is all fucking lies.

  6. I love eating soursop. I remember eating a big fruit bigger than my head I found ripened on a tree at our backyard when I was a young kid It's so huge that I had to call my brother and ate it with him. I dont remember getting any bad side effects as mentioned on these youtube videos except that after finishing it we got so full and satisfied and happy because its so sweet and so juicy. To me it's the best fruit ever that I always buy them whenever I see them at stores. I also planted a tree at my backyard. The leaves we use it as old folks remedy for dizziness and discomfort. It smells great and refreshing. Makes me wonder how this youtube videos say they have bad side effects which is not so true at all.

  7. Wait. People who are on medication for high blood pressure should not eat sour-sop because it might lower blood pressure. Why not say since a natural remedy can lower your blood pressure, perhaps you should stop taking the garbage that is produced by big pharma.

  8. May be true so thanks for the news. Yes there's side effects of other foods even medications Drs push on us. Im suffering from side effects from anxiety and depression medication. But I dont hate this video and i dont think the video's intent is to scare people from using sour sop. I think they just want to inform us. It's good to be educated about the pros and cons of stuff so you can make an Informed decision. Life is a gamble so good luck!

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