1. I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again, Dan Domenech is the best JD , he just absolutely nails the character and his high notes give me LIFE, he’s also hilarious when he needs to be, Ryan’s absolutely amazing, don’t get me wrong but something about dans JD just has something special x

  2. I honestly think that my favorite ones out of all of these are Thomas Sanders (because he's freaking Thomas Sanders wut) and Dan Domenech (I hope I spelled that one right😅)

  3. Honestly after listening to the West End cast recording no JD will ever beat Jamie Muscato for me. He manages to make JD pretty awkward and socially inept (as opposed to the charming psychopath you sometimes get) but that only makes him more terrifying in songs like Meant to be Mine – and I’m not exaggerating when I say terrifying, the only way I can describe his voice at some points is a roar – because he switches back and forth so quickly between vulnerable and dangerous, and I honestly think this makes him the most realistic JD as well. I can think of real people I know like this, and that is terrifying

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