1. First Piece in the video was Inked and colored by PastelMonstaa on youtube and the second was a Patreon Sketch that I got from Arofexdracona! I just did the coloring and technically the first one was a commission while the second one was my own character.
    I have also changed the title since a few people said it was very confusing!


    OK SO

    I Used to have a deviantart account when i was 11-12 and i found this artist that i really liked
    specifically this 1 character right,,,, so,,,, my itty bitty pea brain was like "owo must take is mine" and i
    i stole the character right
    thats not all,,, i also traced over someone elses character to make it and i was a complete fuckwad about it and it follows me and i hate it and myself for it
    there was a callout post and drama and it was a blast : ' )
    i know none of u know me but like ,,,,,,, i just wanna say things get better n people grow and everyone has made mistakes
    i did apologize years later obviously since what i did was really bad but im 99% sure the person still hates me (justified)

    EDIT: ART STYLE THEFT/POSE THEFT/BODY TYPE THEFT IS BULLSHIT & i will forever stand by this bc no one can copyright a pose, art style or body type

    if someone reading this is and someone is accusing them, dont listen because [email protected] its bullshit and even if they have a big following or lots of friends its still wrong

  3. Closed species is such a weird concept.
    It would never hold in a court of law, it's insane.
    It's "Original OC donut stealz" taken to the max. I don't understand how it's still a thing.

  4. I consider myself pretty unbiased towards this drama thing. I just wanna day it’s kinda ridiculous to get mad at someone when they draw a “closed” species.

    That’s like getting mad at someone for drawing Sonic fan art.
    Or exactly like getting mad at someone for drawing a Pikachu.

  5. I think my biggest fuck up was when I was either 10 or 11 and I found this artist that I really loved who wasn't super well known and I had just started drawing so I was really garbo but I really wanted to give him gift art. So I basically traced things and turned them into his characters to give him these images as gifts and when he found out he was absolutely heartbroken and I felt so bad

  6. Major points to you for admitting where you were in the wrong and recognizing it. Admitting things like that is hard and I feel like it shows that you have matured since then.

    I definitely think you weren't the ONLY one in the wrong here to an extent. Kind of a lot of pettiness all around, but I think the other artist could have handled the situation better, too. Particularly on the style bit but DEFINITELY on the 'subconsciously copying' thing. That reaches a little into ridiculousness imo.

  7. Just wanted to thank you for making this.

    I indeed have a story where I screw up pretty badly, but I was afraid of potential backlash, I’m fairly new in the community and I’m clearly on the “I want to make a good impression” stage. Having your video as pillar is really encouraging to just be myself and just let it all out as it was.

    Thank you again.

  8. I`m a kid. Y`know, middle teens, and last year around this time i remember the person i was. And i do think i've grown as a person, last year i was just brewing in my own anger and shouting at my Mother and being a dick about things, and now i at least try to be a good person. I try not to be mean to people and i don`t get offended if someone insults something i like. I noticed it cause the other day my friend said they hated a song from a band i`m super attached to, a small thing, i know, but last year i wouldn't have talked to them for a month. I realised that people don`t really think too much before they speak. And most people don`t have bad intentions, especially if you don`t know them, or are a close friend~
    Not saying there aren`t bad people out there but i think the majority of people aren`t going out of their way to insult you.

  9. I love how real and mature you are. You're mature because you later on accepted the mistakes, and then set to fix it and not repeat it. You look at as many sides as you can, and then turn it to a lesson to help others be able to do the same. You're real, because you don't sugar coat the hard stuff we all need to hear, even as you're still kind when you say it. Thank you for working so hard in life, and sharing it with us. You have a big heart for that, and it means a lot to me that you go so far as to even turn your mistakes into lessons to help spare others from falling into the same things.

    You're amazing, Michie, and I admire you! Thanks for being here, and looking out for other people like you do. I hope you have a very fantastic day. 🙂

  10. Sounds like you both where petty.
    Taking inspiration from other's people art is how you develop your own style.Telling someone to change their art just cause something is similar/same so ignorant.
    Stalking is petty.
    Blocking someone that isn't activity hurting you is petty.
    And honestly, being hurt by the fact that you loved the CS so much you wanted to make your own is petty. They should be glad even if the answer is still no.

  11. oh my god i used to be sooo cringy and stupid back in the day!! warning; this will be long(ish):

    SO i had a very dumb drama on dA back in 2018(witch is not even so long ago oof) where i traced art and kinda took other people's designs and just posted them all mashed up in one random character. i got A TON of hate and i was so embarrassed and felt like an idiot because like, what did i even expect?? i deleted the traced stuff and started doing my own art and slowly people forgave me and now i'm okay with everyone and people seem to enjoy my art. usually it doesn't turn out so well than my case and i'm super grateful the drama didn't blow up. also baaaack back when i was smol kid i stole designs(not posting them tho phew) and made them my own and then i flexed to my friends for being so good at designing characters :'D my characters always looked exactly like my favorite's from series i liked and i thought in was so cool. i believe everyone had this phase at some point. it was very cringy and kinda stupid but thank god i didn't post any of them or had a following anywhere.
    it's a good thing you can admit your mistakes because honestly, some people just keep saying they did nothing wrong because they just don't want to admit their mistakes. you're one of my fave youtubers and i love listening these while drawing <3 keep it up!!
    sorry this is long as fuck

  12. Hi there, thanks for the video its nice to hear things of this nature that aren't normally shared. I think its right to face shameful actions directly if you want to be a better you, clearly this moment was significant and left lasting impressions but I think its ok to be a little less severe on your younger self.

    While legally we are adults at 18, we are actually still developing the brain into our mid-20s. We are all of us more likely to act irresponsible in these years, its normal. And while of course we shouldn't give ourselves a free pass, its fine to be a little more understanding.

    I have a question about the conflict, why do you believe style theft is so important?

  13. Ya got balls, Michie. xD I've had my problems where I was in the wrong, but I don't think I'd want to bring it up for everyone to know. I was young and dumb and apologized privately to the person and moved on.
    Interesting story none the less! Good for you for growing in character! 🙂

  14. Makes me think of how I've been petty about something for probably too long now.
    Someone I used to be best friends with abandoned me; (Going into why would take forever) we did and still do use the same template for characters sheets. I didn't make this template, but heavily edited it into its current form. It's been four years and I'm still mad about them using it still and not finding something to distinguish them-self. I admit I would go on their page and make similar stuff when I'm lacking inspiration just cause I could.(And cause I can't deny that it was good) Got called out eventually, I blocked them so I can't see their stuff casually anymore. Been trying just get over it, move on finally and do my own thing without being a petty bitch. It still hurts after years, losing someone I loved like a sibling, but they clearly were fine letting me go (and blocking me everywhere) so easily. The kicker is that we were both adults when this happened, they are 5+ years older then me and that make it seem even worse.
    I need to move forward with my life and just get let it go. I really, really do.

  15. Yea I did a looooooot of stupid shit back then too, there's so many things about my past that I'm not proud of and do not condone. I got into so many arguments, lost friends, bullied people, and was in a very unhealthy state of mind because of it all for years, but thankfully I'm able to move past it and look back on it to remind myself to just let such petty things go before they turn into something worse.

    I really liked the video though! Finally I have a story from you not only to enjoy but relate to personally, can't wait for the next one ^^

  16. im a beginning artist and I really love watching ur vids and with every vid I watch I learn something new but knowing people are sometimes wrong and sometimes over reactive I learn how to like deal…….with it, heh thanks michie!!!!

  17. Tbh the only time i ever blocked someone was when they started an argument (to which i just kinda replied uncaringly and short, ect) and blocked me, and bc I didn't want them to unblock me without my knowing and creep on me lmao (i dont check others profiles often, esp to see if im still blocked or not)

  18. I admire this kinda honesty. Its very rare you see someone actually admitting to mistakes now a days and i think this video sends a good message that we grow and we are different the more time goes by and that honesty is key to maturaity. Yeah we all were assholes i mean I myself through this video was reflecting as well and athough art wise the worst thing ive done was repost w/out credit nonart wise i was an asshole child. I remember it came to a point of my childhood where i started drama in elementary bc i was bored with my uneventful short life. It was immature and it was douchy and i remember i stressed alot to the point where i refused to go to school bc of said drama (shocker i wonder why). Now thats a bit different from your story bc technecally i was a child. But i count it as an asshole move bc i kneeew what i was doing. Now a days im still a bit of an immature child but I've gotten out of that phase of literally fearing no consequences and today i want to grow better. But if i wanna grow older i needa admit to mistakes and make up for it by learning from it. Good video 👌👌 gotta love that honesty

  19. My stupid mistake made me leave da permanently
    I got so mad about this one person lying and messaged somebody I watched about it. They were confused and I showed them some vent art, and they got really mad. I don’t know why they got mad to this day, but they blocked me, I blocked them, had a breakdown and freaked out, made a bunch of posts about it, and almost deactivated. Looking back, I was such an idiot. I later deactivated my account because I didn’t want people to remember me on da and it stressed me out to keep the account open. Yeah I’m glad I left when I did.

    Might join fa though.

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