YOU ASKED SO WE ANSWERED! We are opening up about what our marriage is REALLY like, what Andrew does, and how Andrew feels about me doing …


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  2. Awwww you guysss!!! Y’all are just officially my favorite couple on YouTube now. So genuinely in love 🥰 Thank you for showing that last question and answer. ❤️ I feel the same way about my husband…you cannot just pick three things that you love about the person you are so passionate about!!!

  3. Wow! You definitely have a wonderful man next to you and let me tell you not all men are like him. You're very lucky! I wish you all the happiness to you and your family 😊btw you guys made me tear up hehe

  4. GIRL, don't worry about ANYBODY saying they know your Hubby, THEY DO NOT, they NEVER met the man. You guys are on the right track, and doing an AMAZING job. Your marriage consist of You and Him ONLY… Andrew is just a Quiet, meek Man. I think all of us were about the cry with you. Warn us First LOL…..Keep up the good work. If he want to be in front of the camera good if not no big deal, I am going to watch no matter which way YOU ALL decide.

  5. I am really touched by your relationship how he care about u and everything.. I should totally marry a man who will love me the way he loves you and treat you 💓💓💓

  6. Ay Dios mío!!!

    You guys are the cutest couple😍
    Your husband is a total Southern gentleman…
    You guys made me laugh and cry at the same time so cute.What is he doing behind the scenes he needs to be upfront💓

  7. I loved watching this video. I’ve always thought you guys were an amazing family but just getting to watch a sit down talk with both of you and seeing how much you both opened up was awesome. The way you guys view each other is amazing. Thanks for sharing 💗

  8. OMMMGGGGGG ARE YOU KIDDING WITH THE END!?? You guys are seriously the CUTEST EVER!!!! The love you have is so deep and pure, beyond the arguments and different personalities; you guys are amazing together! I love the raw footage and the way you both show emotion. The world needs to see THIS type of emotion. There's no shame in crying!

  9. Ok. He had me tearing up. I love seeing couples who you can tell love each other and will last …it seems so rare now a days. Blessings to you guys your business and your sweet family.

  10. At the end of the video when they started tearing up I did too 😭❤️ ugh you guys are so beautiful. Not every man will cry that easily but it’s a passionate thing to do

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