1. I know I sound like a broken record but I'm really liking these videos more and more with your guidance lately, such as saying do not buy into BAMM. Ive been thinking about it (pesky FOMO is strong in us new guys) but I trust you and hearing you say that, it's off my mind now and can focus elsewhere. I can't thank you enough, sir. You are such a selfless guy, and changing lives of so many.
    On another note, I absolutely love gardening too. I did a bunch of planting this weekend. As we move into spring and summer maybe you could do some gardening storytime? I would love to see the things you grow. Just a suggestion 🙂 Hope you had a great weekend! 28:32 haha!

  2. Dan thanks for the heads up on BAM, I was going to jump in tomorrow but after hearing what you said, I have reconsidered and will wait for consolidation before buying in. Too many times, I have jumped in without thinking first. Thanks again for your time and your expertise. ✌️

  3. Newb question. These seem to be the Canadian stock tickers. The U.S. tickers are different for some of these which is fine, but I'm confused because the PRICES are totally different. What am I missing?

  4. That BAMM daily chart is crazy..17 green days in a row with increasing bull volume?! Not even btc has done this..looks like some crazy altcoin action

  5. Reminder ŁTC K/POP concert in Virginia USA tonight – ref John Kim Twitter feed – Could there be a ‘pump’…….

    Łitecoin Block reward halving follows Summer 2019! Bitcoin 2020!

  6. Thanks Dan. Was in on BAMM at .80…. sold most of it on Friday… too many times have I been greedy and ended up giving away my profit as I watched a stock fall.

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