Top 3 Stocks NOW April 2019📸

Charlie talks about the top 3 stocks that he will be watching and trading this week. He also covers several extra stocks that have FDA phase trial and approval …


  1. Charlie  very good contents  always  LIKES   TWO THUMBS UP     can u elaborate how to set up validation line and  is this different with  dailySMA,  I just am little confused how to set the validation line when I do sell a certain stock   I am old and newbie  but ur information is very helpful.   short direct and very informative    WARM ALOHA ::))

  2. Hey Zip. What do you think about Delta Airlines? They have earnings Wednesday I believe and their seems to be quite the buzz around the stock, was curious if you think they will go up??

  3. Can you please do a video on Planet 13 (PLNHF)? As I’m sure you know, this stock has been exploding lately and I’m curious on your thoughts with this company. With that being said, this was another good video. Thank you for all of your advice and updates.

  4. Do you think EVH is a good stock since it has history many times of it dropping to about 12 then going to 24 and many investor companys are raising their stake in it

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