1. I don't smoke, but airheads always remind me of zombie chews, do they have them in the US? I don't remember seeing them despite visiting twice. They're almost everywhere here in Australia.

  2. Just want to let you know I re-subscribed today and by the time I got home from errands and decided to catch up a bit on missed videos I had a subscribe to you again…πŸ˜’

  3. I love you so much omg You are so hot! I love when you make styles so good like this one. You should be told how hot you are every day! I'm a huge fan. I wish I could express myself and show you how I feel. Let you watch how much I love you. omg You're my favorite!

  4. That was a cig holder so you can smoke while playing ps4 are something like that you put it on your finger. Ty for the videos, your so beautiful, wish we could hang out 😞

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