Stop Smoking Marijuana (Cannabis) & Learn Of Its Effects Through Ayurveda

My goal of this video is to highlight some information about the smoking of herb Marijuana through the views of Ayurveda. I believe it is important that people see …


  1. Interesting perspective. I little bit too much on the downside, it suddenly turned into a complete poison without health benefits, and that is something the AtharvaVeda would discourage your view on. Still – it is important to stop toking day and night – the body is not a chimney and the sacred perspective of the plant should be maintained more instead of street toking.
    One thing though – It burns karma, and this is why soo many people get addicted… they have alot of karma and re-create new karma daily.
    Bless up YahSelf and thank you soo much for this video!

  2. As someone who is a recovering weed addict thank you for this video. It really helped put the ‘health’ thing into perspective. I dont care what people say, it can be addicting, and I have had mental and physical withdrawals from it. Videos like this help people like me stay off of it.

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