1. Hiya guys! Where can I find a canna vape in the uk? Really need a reliable source for the vape pens and thc oils 🙂 heavy smoker for the past year so need something convenient that I can just carry around and get fucking sneaky high on the go 😂🙂

  2. Love it ma friend …… can u give ne detsils off a company who wont ripp me off av had it done b4 …need to stop smoking baky so tht vape way is for me….keeep it greeeeeen brother freee theeee weeeeed
    [email protected]gmil.com

    could u plz give me details off q reptribal company who a can do buidness with n not get stuing agin… a want mine in time for the 420 parade in Glasgow hempfest…. keeeep it litt ma fellow cannabis warrior…peace from Glasgow

  3. Hey Enjoying your videos. CBD ejuice is so expensive so I was interested when you said you prefer pure hemp oils. Would cold pressed hemp oils work in a vape pen or would it have to be BHO?

  4. My friend has this and yeah the smell is not an issue , like he said in the video it actually smells good but theres a kind of a weed smell mixed in. But the smell is nothing compared to a blunt . We smoke this with people standing around thinking its a vape . Any place thats outdoors we puff it for a while and no one notices . Wouldn't recommend smoking indoors if u dont want to be caught

  5. Since it is only vaporized cannabinoids I think you can get more out of a toke by holding it in a bit longer dont you? Since there's no smoke to worry about. Thanks for posting. Great vid.

  6. ISMOKE – You're one of the most chillest guy on Youtube, no one loves it so much like you, I had a Nice one an hour ago and I just went into another Dimension lol, This is a really amazing video, I'm up north and it's shit mate, lol, I would definitely visit London and go to an event 😀

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