In This Complete Hairloss Guide – Proven Treatment for Hair loss in men is DHT blocking which can reverse hair loss. Di Hydroxy Testosterone is the hormone …


  1. Dear Beard lovers.. If u try to block dht then your beard growth will be reduced gradually day by day. As the dht is the fuel for beard. So the thing is we can choose only one option in these, beard or hair ?

  2. i didnt start seeing a problen until the right corner of my hairline is going bye bye sometime comes back but only for a short period of time say a week , then it starts going again off and on..must be something im eating

  3. Mahine Bal zadne ke liye pichale tin sal me bahut sare tel use Kiya Koi fayda nahi Maine Amazon per se charvi hair solution mangwaliya 15_20 din me bal zadne band ho Gaya Maine tin mahine use Kiya ab hair fall nahi bahut badhiya result Hai

  4. Hi i have 100% working oil for Hair falling and Alopacia . For Alopacia there should be small hair or the hair follicles root should be opened you can buy oil otherwise go to local Head Cupping center and do Dry cupping of your head 6 times and then apply oil you will get 100% Result in one month . It's total natural oil. Price is 5$ for 80ml.

  5. Here i hear the same crap as with cholesterol (BAD)… DHT (BAD) is the problem so lets block it. Not a solution , but a begin of another set of problems.

  6. You have superb asans (postures), but if simultaneously take along @ herbal remedies, you hit the bull's eye. I was on the brink of getting bald using many hair tonics & the likes, but my hair was fragile and falling. While searching a remedy of youtube I got their remedy Hair Care Pack and some diet changes. My bouncy hair are back. Thanks!

  7. finasteride has been links with increase risk of prostate cancer recently. Also..many people suffer from very low libido and also depression. Its more common then people think.

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