1. Bro you aint messing about on this, its looking great. I subbed and excited to see how your grow turns out. I live in Spain and will have a few plants in my garden and will make some vids along this year. Peace gromie

  2. sitting here looking at your garden and thinking about water . if you clear ground down to the soil , then get a tamper and pound the ground down. then when it rains the water will roll over the compacted ground and fall into all your holes where its needed. even more if you make 4in high water barrier , to funnel the water into the holes.
    thats the truth . corn just isnt the same after you grow weed. but you have a plan and its looking like a jolly good plan. pull you tarp to one side and dig that hole bigger. but if you only do one thing i say , it would be ….. put a frigging lid on your pond to slow down evaporation. i would of gone for a bigger tarp . but best layed plans vs murphy's law . i figure you will still have to bring in water at somepoint. then you can say " i told you so " if it all works out for you . ha ha ha.

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